As America’s Human Population Explodes, Ecological Footprint Grows More Enormous

Published on December 24th, 2013

At the current rate of endless legal immigration of 1 million annually, we remain on course to add 100 million people, including chain-migrated relatives, to America by 2050 – just 37 years from now.

That’s enough people to duplicate the populations of our top 20 cities within the United States. We must water, house, warm, transport, feed, work, educate and medicate 100 million more people.

What lies below the surface of adding 100 million people to America? We know that we face horrific energy depletion with that many added persons to our civilization. But most don’t possess a clue as to what lies beneath the waters of population overload on America.

Do you notice that humans encroaching on habitat around the world in such places as Africa, India, China and South America create horrible extinction rates of species? How many extinctions? Answer: more than 100 extinctions 24/7.

What does that mean for America?

In 2013, we lost 250 species to extinction in the lower 48 states, according to the U.S. Department of Interior. We lose that many every year. That equates to 2,500 living, breathing creatures every decade. They will never again exist on this planet.

Ecological footprint on America

Ecological footprint may be the most unheard-of word in America, but its impact will grow more devastating in the coming decades – as we continue to lose more and more species to human encroachment on habitat.

To give you an example: an Ethiopian farmer uses .4 (4/10th) of an acre of land to feed, house and clothe himself and his family. That’s his ecological footprint.

However, when that same Ethiopian farmer immigrates to America at our behest, his ecological footprint jumps to a whopping 25.4 acres of land to support him. Our standard of living runs much greater in use of land, water and resources than a simple farmer from Africa. But once he arrives, we force his “footprint” to jump more than 50 times. (Source: www.allspecies.org)

If we add another 100 million immigrants within 37 years, do the math! Multiply 100 million legal immigrants x 25.4 acres of land and that equals 2.54 billion acres of land that must be destroyed to feed, house, educate, recreate, build malls, roads and a dozen other items that destroy natural habitat.

That’s why extinction rates gallop at more than 100 species per day worldwide as the human race rampages with an added 80 million annually, net gain. In other words, the other creatures on the planet don’t have a say or a prayer. (Source: Dr. Norman Myers, Extinctions Worldwide, Oxford University)

But payback marches toward us at some point. We face loss of the grizzly bear, bald eagle, salmon, hummingbird, antelope, fox and hundreds of other creatures. How?

It’s through what’s called “cascading extinctions.” When you kill off one creature such as a prairie dog, you also kill off 67 other creatures that live off that one furry rodent. Fox, coyotes, hawks, eagles and dozens more. That’s why you don’t see those great creatures living in concrete-filled jungles called “cities.”

In other words, our country will become as hostile toward other creatures as the Bengal tiger in India or the Snow Leopard in Nepal, or the elephant in Africa along with the gorillas, or the grizzly bear in Montana, or finally, this nation’s symbol: the Bald Eagle.

As a citizen, you hold in your hands the power to change the future. Act today through www.CapsWeb.org.

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