America’s population explosion third highest in the world

Published on February 22nd, 2013

Last week  the Wall Street Journal's editorial page featured Jonathan Last’s “America’s Baby Bust” as if our country faced a declining population.  Last wrote that our falling fertility rate represented the root cause of many of our problems, and he concluded that, “ It's only getting worse.” Read Last's column here.

My question to Last would be what’s going to get better by adding the projected 138 million more people to America primarily by immigration by 2050—a mere  37 years from now? We already stand eye-ball deep in water shortages in six states, energy costs at over $4.00 a gallon in California and natural resources are at the point of exhaustion.  You might add quality of life degradation in our over-stuffed cities. Toss in standard of living decline because of wage suppression and, then, because of carbon emissions,  our environment degrades faster than anyone can imagine.

Ironically, Last admonished China for enforcing its single-child per family doctrine which nets them a 1.54 child per family birth rate.  He never acknowledged that China continues on its population climb by adding eight million net gain annually via “population momentum.”  At the same time, China suffers horrific water, energy and resource exhaustion.

You can't imagine the sheer crush of people on top of people in cities unfit to breathe.  Even worse, India at 1.2 billion adds 11 million net gains annually while they overtake China within 37 year to reach 1.6 billion.  My bicycle travels through India and China revealed human misery beyond comprehension.

Last continued his tirade by admonishing America’s 1.6 birth rate.  For the record, American families have stabilized population since 1970 with a 2.03 fertility rate.  We should have been headed for a more manageable 255 million people by 1990. Instead, we blasted past 300 million by 2007.  As of 2013, we keep climbing at 315 million on our way to 400 million by 2035.

Congress imports nearly 100,000 legal immigrants monthly—over 1 million annually.  They, in turn, add 900,000 babies annually (Source: www.cis.org , Dr. Steve Camarota).  When you add 500,000 to as many as 800,000 illegal migrants annually, the numbers grow exponentially.  By adding our own 1 million through population momentum annually, the United States gains a net 3.1 million annually on our way to 438 million by 2050. (Source: US Population Projections by Fogel/Martin, PEW Research Center, US Census Bureau)

Like most mainstream media outlets, the Wall Street Journal never provides a rebuttal commentary opportunity for demographic or environmental experts on the accelerating consequences to population growth.  Journalists reported on Hurricane Sandy and tornadoes ripping up mid-section of America  in the middle of January, but they refuse to allow any explanation that incorporates the “overpopulation factor.”

At some point, we face monumental water, energy and resource depletion that will become irreversible and unsolvable. Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained. We no longer enjoy endless oil reserves, and we cannot sustain our cities with water and energy that remain limited on this finite planet.  No species on earth can exceed the carrying capacity of a finite amount of land.

Thus, it’s up to you through enlightened organizations like www.CapsWeb.org to take action to ensure future generations enjoy a chance for a reasonable life experience wherever they may live.

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