Amnesty Bill Written By and For Special Interests

Published on June 13th, 2013

Anyone who has kept up with the news since the start of 2013 has been barraged with endless Internet and newspaper articles and radio/ TV ads telling us that “immigration reform” (as the mainstream media puts it) is not only for our own good, but even necessary – it will grow our slumping economy, save our entitlement system, secure our borders, “re-unite families” and most importantly, bring people “out of the shadows," as if they were ever really hiding from anyone.

In an attempt to woo conservatives, the argument is that, unless Republicans support legal status (aka, amnesty) for illegal immigrants, Hispanics will punish them at the polls, and Republicans will never win another Presidential election for the foreseeable future. Of course, these propaganda messages are well-tailored to prey on people’s fears and emotions.

Regardless of the rhetoric, understanding how we got into this awful predicament, where our Republic is faced with a gigantic amnesty and guest worker bill looming over our heads like a shiny guillotine blade, is critical to figuring out how to fight it, and if we are lucky enough to kill it this time, to prevent the opposition from trying again.

Amid the Republicans' gloom after Mitt Romney’s loss, the open-borders lobby quickly attempted to define the narrative, with the aid of their friends in the media, to be Romney’s lack of Hispanic support. While a large Hispanic vote deficit was one of many factors that hurt Romney, the main reason he lost is that he failed to bring out white working class voters.

What's even more ironic is the fact that the amnesty/guestworker scheme the know-it-all pundits are promoting as a cure for GOP ills would economically hammer the two coveted groups of voters – Hispanics and working class whites – that failed to show up for them in November 2012. Flooding the country with labor competition will not win new friends among American voters who think you don't care about them in the first place. 

The Senate “Gang of 8” assembled a special-interest coalition of Big Labor, Big Agriculture, Big Business, Big Religion, prominent environmentalists, ethnic lobbies, and of course immigration lawyers, to help write the bill in secret, while excluding the concerns of our Customs and Border Protection Officers and most importantly, the American people. For proof, remember the trite but true phrase – “follow the money.”

Big Labor, i.e., the unions, strongly object to the guest worker provisions in the Senate’s immigration bill (S.744), but they are selling out the American workforce as a whole in the hope that amnestied workers will join unions that are struggling badly to maintain influence and members. Big Agriculture (the farmers) and Big Business, including Big Software, are  interested in an uninterrupted flow of cheap, compliant  labor. Big Religion is oblivious to the harm that massive immigration will do to poor Americans, and cares only about increasing the numbers of people in their pews.

Environmentalists who once fought population growth are now hypocritically embracing immigration reform, too. They believe that the increase in U.S. population is the price to be paid to combat, with the aid of a new left-leaning immigrant electorate, what they see as their true mortal enemy – the GOP and its conservative supporters. And last but not least, ethnic lobbies and immigration lawyers have helped to write the text of a bill from which they stand to reap so much future business.

The message the Gang of Eight has sent in S. 744 is crystal clear – immigration policy and legislation is solely the domain of special interests and not the American people.

Many senators are telling us, with plugged ears, “I can’t hear you!” because the powerful special interests that are funding their expensive Senate campaigns want it that way. Besides, in modern American politics, campaign money never comes without strings – or ropes – attached.

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