COMPILE – Comprehensive Immigration Law Enforcement

Published on January 14th, 2012

Politicians just love the term “Comprehensive.”  It is a term that sounds as though they have thought of everything that needs to be considered and addressed those issues effectively.  It provides the illusion of “getting the job done!”

Sometimes the term comprehensive is used to create an illusion that those involved know full well offers nothing more than an illusion!

Think about the bill that has more lives than an alley cat- “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”  There have been numerous attempts to pass this legislation and it is likely it would have passed, had it not been for those pesky citizens who actually thought that they had the right to call their senators and members of the House of Representative to complain about a bill that would have provided unknown millions of illegal aliens with pathways to citizenship!  The use of the term 'unknown” where these aliens are concerned is entirely apt because no one really knows how many such illegal aliens are really present in the United States.

Furthermore, we have no easily verifiable way of knowing their true identities- not even their countries of citizenship.  Therefore we have no way of readily knowing anything about their possible criminal histories, their potential involvement with criminal or terrorist organizations.  We certainly have no idea as to their motivation for violating our nation's borders and our immigration laws that are supposed to keep aliens out of the United States whose presence would be problematic for our nation and our citizens.  This is why I have come to refer to Comprehensive Immigration Reform by a more honest and descriptive title.  I call it the “Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act!”

Yet politicians who favor this insane legislation continue to refer to it as being “Comprehensive!”

It would seem that the only thing comprehensive about Comprehensive Immigration Reform is that it would likely provide nearly every illegal alien with the ability to remain in the United States and work here and possibly engage in whatever other illegal alien potentially nefarious objective motivated them to come here in the first place!  They would even be able to petition the United States government to enable their family members to legally enter the United States to join them here!

Could anyone honestly claim that this sort of program would deter people around the world who might be contemplating running our nation's borders?

Meanwhile the president has discovered a new way of getting as many aliens as possible to remain in the United States without the cooperation of the United States Congress.  He routinely issues policy directives to prevent illegal aliens who have been identified from being arrested or deported.  He hides behind the claim that this is simply about prioritizing limited resources.

Certainly limited law enforcement resources need to be used as effectively as possible.  Focusing the major thrust on aliens who are identified as having been convicted of crimes is a good idea, but no alien who is illegally present in the United States should ever feel confident that he (she) has nothing to fear where immigration is concerned.

The next administration must do what is essential to reverse the current lack of immigration law enforcement that deprives Americans and lawful immigrants of jobs imperils national security and community safety and entices and encourages unknown millions of additional illegal aliens to violate our laws and our borders.  The solution is a program I have come to refer to as “COMPILE.”  It is an acronym for “Comprehensive Immigration Law Enforcement.”

When the issue of immigration is raised today, generally two issues are discussed, securing the US/ Mexican border and going after employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens.

Certainly these are two important components of what must be seen as an integrated immigration system.  The biggest area of concern is what is known as interior enforcement of our nation's immigration laws.  Certainly investigating and punishing employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens would be an important component of a comprehensive approach to interior enforcement but this does not take into account how easily aliens can secure stolen identities in order to pass muster where E-Verify is concerned.  When you consider that TSA has over 60,000 employees and ICE has about 7,000 it is easy to see that ICE needs many more agents, more resources and clear marching orders. The time has come to end the disturbing ease with which aliens are able to game the immigration benefits program to acquire lawful immigrant status and even United States citizenship by defrauding the system.  It must be anticipated that a crack down on employers of illegal aliens will cause aliens to seek to game the benefits program and countermeasures must be implemented.

Local law enforcement agencies must be made to work cooperatively with ICE when they encounter aliens who are either illegally present in the United States at the time of initial encounter by local or state police and they must also notify ICE when an alien, even an alien who is at the time of encounter, lawfully present if that alien may become subject to deportation of said alien is facing felony charges.

Local, state and federal prosecutors must also work cooperatively with ICE and with district immigration counsels to make certain that if an alien is being prosecuted for a serious crime that unless it is the intention of the prosecutors, that such an alien not be permitted to enter into a plea bargain that inadvertently removes a criminal charge that would strip that alien of his resident alien status.

It is time that our political leaders reflect on the true purpose of our nation's immigration laws, to protect the citizens of the United States- and act accordingly!

It has been said that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  For aliens seeking to enter our country the laws that they generally first encounter are our immigration laws.  Under the current administration that first impression is that in the United States not only will violations of laws be tolerated but rewarded!  That's one hell of a dangerous first impression especially in this perilous era!

We the People should be compiling a list of politicians who are unwilling to enforce all of the immigration laws and make them accountable on Election Day!

Where immigration law enforcement is concerned, the term “Comprehensive” should refer to all of the laws of the Immigration and Nationality Act and not to finding a way to reward all the aliens who have violated our nation's borders and laws!

Comprehensive Immigration Law Enforcement- a concept that is long overdue!

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