Cure Cancer with Ladders

Published on June 5th, 2014

Hillary Clinton (the presumptive 2016 Democrat presidential nominee) spoke on the greatness of America in her most recent book, Hard Choices: “At the time I became secretary [of state], there was a fairly strong current of thinking that the United States was in decline…I think people will see that we are strong and well-equipped to restore prosperity here at home, to deal with the cancer of inequality, to give people in our country the ladders of opportunity that have always been a hallmark of the United States and the American Dream…”

The current administration under which Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State shows that the “cancer of inequality” should be resolved by providing “ladders of opportunity” over our borders and over enforcement. The rawest form of inequality exists when those who follow the rules to join the American family are now just steps on the “ladder of opportunity” for those who choose to violate U.S. immigration laws.


The defunding of the 287(g) program, which allowed local law enforcement entities to assist federal immigration officers, has been all but erased from the landscape of immigration enforcement. There have been no local law enforcement agency sign-ups since late 2013. The program was credited with finding more than 300,000 removable aliens since its inception in 2006. In 2009, the program was “reformed” to prioritize the arrest and detention of criminal aliens. In other words, certain crimes are “overlooked” in the interest of equality.

Dreams and anchors

Children of illegal aliens that crossed the border with their family (or overstayed a visa), or children born in this country to illegal aliens, fall into two categories. Under the first scenario, the children should remain under the charge of their parents. Therefore, if the parent is in the U.S. illegally, both the parent and the child should be returned to their country of origin. By their action, the parent places the child in the position to be deported from the U.S.; it was a choice by the parent to violate immigration laws. However, in the interest of “compassion” and “equality,” the children are labeled DREAMers (Development, Relief & Education for Alien Minors). According to the amnesty lobby, DREAMers just want to live the American Dream.

Under the second scenario, the child born within the borders of the U.S. is granted citizenship by birth (i.e., birthright citizenship). In this case, also, the child should return to the country of origin with the parent. Clearly, this does not happen. The pregnant lady that is within the U.S. illegally only needs to birth her child within our borders. The child receives the benefits of citizenship and serves as an anchor for the parent to receive benefits. It is “compassionate” and “fair” (aka equal) to keep the parent and child together.

What about me?

More than one million people per year join the American family by abiding by the immigration laws. Those who follow the laws do not have the luxury of having any violations “overlooked” or “prioritized” for enforcement. If they receive a parking ticket, they must pay it. If they don’t pay their taxes, the IRS is at their door with threats to seize all they have worked for.

At the same time, they must pay for those who violate and continue to violate immigration laws. As more resources are seized to pay for illegal alien healthcare, education, incarceration and, what has no price tag, the lives of loved ones lost at the hands of illegal aliens, Americans continue to bear the costs of lax enforcement and the heartbreak of shattered lives. When will Americans be cured of inequitable treatment at the hands of government in order to build their own ladders of opportunity?

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