Family of DUI homicide victim: Feds failed to deport illegal-immigrant killer

Published on April 25th, 2012

The United States has traditionally served as a role model for countries around the world for a number of reasons.  The most important is that it has been described as being a “Country of laws and not a country of men.”  Furthermore, our system of justice supposedly strives to be totally and utterly unbiased to provide “equal protection under the law.”  Emblematic of this lofty ideal is the statue of “Lady Justice,” a robed lady who holds the Scale of Justice in one hand and a sword in her other hand.  Perhaps her most significant wardrobe accessory, however, is the blindfold that covers her eyes- signifying that no matter who faces justice that justice will be meted out fairly and objectively.

Of course lofty ideals are rarely, if ever fully realized.

Today our nation suffers from an increasing lack of objectivity where justice and commonsense are concerned, failings that are often attributable to the immigration issue.  Because so many greedy influential people and organizations are determined to encourage ever more foreign workers to enter the United States to maximize profits- and not only by unscrupulous employers but by many individuals and many organizations that all gain incredible profits because of this massive influx of foreign workers, virtually all of the stops have been taken out to enable aliens who violate a slew of laws and regulations to evade accountability and hence, justice.

When politicians, including the President of the United States, stand before the citizens of this nation and openly declare that those foreign nationals, whose true identities are unknown and unknowable, who run our borders, for reasons only known them, should be placed on a pathway to United States citizenship, it is clear our “leaders” are ignoring their responsibilities and violating their oaths of office.

As a direct consequence of the words and deeds of our leaders, our borders and our laws serve as little more than speed bumps to millions of illegal aliens including criminals and terrorists among them.  This would be disturbing at any time in the history of our nation but it is particularly disconcerting in this perilous era when our nation is purportedly waging a “War on Terrorism.”

Yet another example of a preventable death is the death of a 66 year old American citizen, Denny McCann. When Saul Chavez, an illegal alien who had served time for an unrelated crime, was released from prison and permitted to walk free, was highly inebriated and driving a car without a license when he killed Mr. McCann.

An excerpt of the news report contains a horrifying account of the accident:

“Witnesses said that on impact McCann cracked the windshield of Chavez’s 2002 Dodge Neon and then tumbled forward. But the driver tried to flee, running him over and dragging him 200 feet with the car. McCann died that night.”

What is unfathomable is that not only did Chicago law enforcement authorities fail to notify ICE that Chavez was an illegal alien when he was a prisoner in 2008, but according to current policies promulgated by the Chicago government, ICE detainers are no longer being accepted and reportedly since May 2011 ICE personnel are not even allowed to enter the Cook County prison in Chicago to identify and seek the removal (deportation) of criminal aliens!

Consequently, when Chavez posted bail in November 2011, he was permitted to walk out of jail and onto the streets of Chicago!  If he winds up back in Mexico, it will likely be because he tired of living in the United States and not because he was deported!

A sanctuary is supposed to be a place of safety — perhaps it is safe for illegal aliens to enter our country, live and work illegally in the United States and even commit crimes that cost Americans their lives- but when and where will Americans find sanctuary from criminals from around the world who have become emboldened to enter our country illegally and violate whatever laws they find inconvenient?

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