It is Anti-American to Not Enforce Immigration Laws

Published on February 15th, 2012

Immigration laws are among the most important laws a nation can enact and enforce.  Incredibly there are those who favor open borders and massive amnesty programs for unknown millions of illegal aliens.  They refer to those of us who stand firm in our belief that our borders must be made secure and our immigration laws must be effectively administered and enforced as being “Anti-Immigrant.”  This is a false accusation and they know that they are being dishonest- but they also know that open borders and amnesty programs will provide them with money and political power.

The purpose of effective immigration laws is to prevent the entry of foreigners into a country whose presence would pose a problem for that nation or its citizens.  If we were to write the immigration laws for our nation, we would have to come up with a list of aliens who should be deemed “Problematic.”

Most people would agree that aliens who suffer from dangerous communicable diseases should not be provided access to a country for fear that they might spread the disease to the general population of a nation.  Whether they suffer from resistant forms of tuberculosis or other such highly deadly and contagious diseases, it certainly makes sense to keep such individuals from entering a country.  Similarly, it makes sense to prevent aliens who suffer from severe mental illnesses and are prone to violence from entering a country.  It is important to remember that while advocates for open borders and sweeping amnesty programs often get misty-eyed when they talk about Ellis Island, that, in fact, Ellis Island was a quarantine facility that was run by the Public Health Service in conjunction with the Immigration Service.

Next we should want to keep aliens out of our country that are convicted felons.  Certainly aliens who belong to violent gangs or engage in human trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering and other such crimes should be barred from entering a country we seek to protect.  We certainly do well to also prevent the entry of aliens who are known as human rights violators, war criminals, spies and terrorists.

Finally, it is important to prevent the entry of aliens who lack the monetary resources to pay their way and would become public charges- depending on the government to pay for their expenses or aliens who would seek to work without authority.

If you were asked to draw-up a set of immigration laws, would it not be appropriate to codify these categories of excludable aliens to look out for the well being of our nation and our citizens?

Could any reasonable person argue that the categories of excludable aliens are not reasonable, prudent or, essential to the safety, security and well-being of our nation?

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) has already codified these requirements and they are to be found in Title 8, United States Code, Section 1182.  This section of law provides a list of inadmissible aliens.  It is also vital to note that there is absolutely no distinction to be found in our immigration where race, religion or ethnicity is concerned.

Some time ago, Ms Napolitano and others made the assertion that it is not a crime to run our borders.  While it is not a felony for an alien to run our borders if he (she) had never been previously deported, it most certainly is a felony for a previously deported alien to run our borders.  If the alien has no previous criminal convictions, the maximum penalty for unlawful reentry is a two year prison sentence.  If, on the other hand, the alien who unlawfully reenters the United States had been convicted of previous felonies, the penalty for his unlawful reentry is a maximum of 20 years in prison.

When aliens simply run our borders to gain illegal employment, Americans and lawful immigrants lose out on those jobs that they desperately need- especially when our nation suffers from unparalleled unemployment and increasing levels of poverty.  The presence of foreign workers not only costs jobs for United States citizens and lawful immigrants of every race, religion and ethnicity, but drives down wages for everyone!  This is why, prior to the Second World War, the enforcement and administration of our nation's immigration laws was the responsibility of the United States Labor Department.  The effective enforcement of our immigration laws, back then, fostered the growth of America's Middle Class and hence, the “American Dream.”

We are often told that America was built by immigrants.  Indeed, many of those who built our nation are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.  However, simply having lots of foreign nationals enter a country is not necessarily the prescription for success but, more often than not, is the prescription for conflict and suffering.  The reason that the immigrants who came to America were able to create the American Dream was the ability for them and their children to acquire training in various trades or a higher education in vital areas that enabled them to quickly move up the economic ladder.  In America each generation expected to do better economically than the previous generation.  “Aim High” used to be the motto of the United States Air Force and could have been the theme of Americans.  Today corporations demand that they be provided with high tech workers who will work for minimal wages and, for the most part, their demands are being met by importing foreign workers who undercut highly qualified Americans!  They have found ways of gaming the immigration system that is supposed to protect American workers and nothing is done to combat this assault on American professionals.  This is nothing short of a betrayal of our hard working and highly educated fellow Americans and it contributes to the accelerating destruction of our Middle Class!

Our nation's immigration laws were enacted to protect the citizens of our nation irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity.  The policies of the Obama administration to refuse to enforce those laws imperil the lives and safety of our citizens.  Encouraging and enabling foreign workers to enter the United States to compete unfairly with American workers undermines American workers at all levels of the economy and represents a betrayal of every hard working American.  These policies are bringing about the destruction of our nation's Middle Class.

With all of the promises by virtually every politician to create jobs, precious few politicians have demanded that our government work to liberate jobs by enforcing our immigration laws.

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