Mollie Tibbetts Death and the Immigration Debate by Someone who “CAN” Imagine What It Felt Like

Published on September 11th, 2018


On September 3, 2018, journalist Laura Belin appeared on Washington Journal (C-SPAN), and said it was “grossly inappropriate” to tie “Mollie Tibbetts’ tragic murder to immigration policy."  Here is the response to Ms. Belin by CAPS spokesperson and anti-sanctuary activist, Don Rosenberg, whose son, Drew, was killed by an illegal alien who had previously been stopped while driving without a license and going the wrong way down a one-way street. Galo was released by San Francisco authorities, and in a later botched hit and run attempt, left his front tire resting on Drew's abdomen, killing the young Golden Gate Law School student. Rosenberg's reach out to Belin has thus far gone unanswered. 

September 5, 2018


Dear Ms. Belin,
Speaking about Mollie Tibbetts in your appearance on Washington Journal you said, “As a parent, I cannot imagine what the family went through.” Unfortunately, to some extent, I can. Over seven years ago my son was killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco. I can’t imagine the pain and anguish they
went through day after day not knowing if Mollie was still alive, but the end result was the same.
Moments, if not sooner, after a school shooting or some other massive killing by use of firearms, the call to ban some or all guns begins before the bodies are even identified. At that point the “right” begins their rebuttal that it’s too soon to discuss the issue, that guns weren’t the problem and the 2nd Amendment. (For full disclosure, I own no guns, have never fired one and don’t believe, despite the SCOTUS ruling on Heller, that the 2nd Amendment guarantees everyone the right to bear arms.)
Now the shoe is on the other foot and you, along with so many others in the media and Mr. Tibbetts, want to pretend that the immigration status of the murderer is not germane to Miss Tibbetts death. I know, and Mr. Tibbetts will one day realize that had our laws been enforced both of our children would be alive. He will also come to realize that this is not a Hispanic issue but an illegal alien issue. It is not an issue of immigration but one of illegal entry.
For the parents and loved ones killed by mad people with guns or illegal aliens it would certainly be more humane to “give them some time” before the issue was politicized. But both ARE political issues. That’s just not going to change in today’s “instant” everything. But for the “left” that does the same thing with every mass gun killing but then complain when we call out illegal aliens and the crimes they commit is nothing but hypocrisy.
In Mollie’s case while we were all hoping she would be found alive her death wasn’t the surprise, but the killer was. Had Mollie been missing for 48 hours it is unlikely that her case would have been known by anyone outside of the local area. Had her killer been a citizen, white male sex offender released from prison early would that have been germane to the issue? After seven years of researching, studying and often appearing on radio and television and testifying on the illegal alien crime issue I would also conclude that had her body been found quickly her death would not have become a national issue. Her disappearance already was.
Illegal aliens are killing people every day. (Yes, I know so are American citizens but most of those deaths are not preventable. Almost every killing by an illegal alien is.) But, since my son was killed almost 8 years ago the only two cases I can remember that got national attention was Kate Steinle and now Mollie.
Ironically, just yesterday I was contacted by Jarad Vargas’s aunt. Yes, you never heard of Jarad. Jarad was killed in June by an illegal alien in San Antonio. He was missing for two days. The man who murdered him (no one knows why) tried to hide the body by setting his own apartment on fire. Outside of San Antonio and Breitbart, there was no coverage of this killing.
I literally just received the following before I started to write this email today. Miguel Luna, an illegal alien from Mexico was just sentenced to 80 years in prison for raping a woman in 2016. That was just one of three rapes in 2015-2016 he admitted to. Prior to that he had been arrested 36 times dating back to 2001 but never deported. Until the article I received today from the Will County Gazette the only other mention I could find was the local Patch back in May.
Barely a word about any crimes committed by illegal aliens ever appears in the mainstream media yet there are over 240,000 illegal aliens in federal, state and local jails and prisons (Source: DOJ SCAAP data) and tens of thousands of people have been killed by illegal aliens since the last amnesty in 1986. (Source: GAO 2011 and 2018 report on “Criminal Alien Crime”). But what does the media say all the time? “Immigrants” commit less crime than the native born. So now most of the public that believe Kate Steinle was the first person ever killed by an illegal alien think that Mollie Tibbetts was the second.
I don’t condone anyone who blames Hispanics any more than I blame every gun owner for those crimes. As the president of Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAAC) I hope I get the chance to speak with Mr. Tibbetts. Our mission (the entire board has had a loved one killed by an illegal alien) is to help those who have suffered as victims of illegal alien crimes. Because of the publicity his case received he probably doesn’t need our help as most victims do. But he does need our help to get a better understanding of what has just happened to him and how it could have been avoided.
I’ve read his column in the Des Moines Register and while I understand his visceral reaction to what he thinks is the issue he couldn’t be more wrong. He is playing into the hands of those who want to not just protect illegal aliens but even those who have committed additional crimes. That will only lead to more Mollie Tibbetts but without the publicity.
Just yesterday in her opening remarks in the Kavanaugh hearings Senator Feinstein noted that since 2012, 152 children have been killed in school shootings. I only wish I could make the same claim about those killed by illegal aliens even if the time frame was only a month.

Don Rosenberg

To see the original video, click to the 1:18:30 minute mark via this link.

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