Obama to Recklessly Grant Administrative Amnesty

Published on November 20th, 2014

At 8:00 PM EST, President Obama will finally deliver on his promise to grant an administrative amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens.  Even though Obama’s unconstitutional legalization has been anticipated for weeks, it’s disheartening to have official confirmation that the president doesn’t govern with Americans’ common good as his goal. No persuasive argument can be made that giving legal status, work permits, social security numbers and government-issued IDs to formerly unemployable illegal aliens will benefit Americans, especially with 92 million not attached to the labor force. Not only will Obama’s amnesty increase job competition for unemployed Americans, but also among the fortunate five million newly legalized workers willing to accept a lower wage than an existing employee earns.

“I’m Not a King”

During his Facebook announcement, Obama said that the “immigration system is broken,” one of the most annoying of dozens of irritating excuses Beltway advocates use to defend their support of amnesty. Of course the “system is broken.” Immigration laws haven’t been enforced for more than 25 years—the border is wide open, an entry-exit program has never been put into place, and the few who may be deported can, if they’re of a mind to, return the next week. On the other hand, inducements for illegal entry have consistently been broadened since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act—more states offer driver’s licenses, discounted university tuition, and sanctuary policies.

History proves that enforcement is essential for meaningful reform. IRCA provided for more border protection, interior enforcement and employer penalties for those who hired aliens, none of which materialized. Accordingly, during the intervening years, the U.S. illegal immigration population grew to at least 12 million. This evening in his address, Obama is expected to include references to border security. But since Obama has never evidenced a shred of interest in enforcement, only the naive believe that it will happen. His executive order guarantees more illegal immigration that in turn will strain federal and state budgets as well as swell the U.S. population.

On Friday, Obama will travel to Las Vegas where, from Del Sol High School, he’ll provide more specifics. In 2012, Obama launched deferred action for childhood arrivals—the model for his current amnesty that precipitated this summer’s Central American border surge—from the Del Rio campus.

What happens next is up to the Republicans. The GOP could vote to defund Obama’s order. House Speaker John Boehner suggests he may file a law suit. One thing is certain. Obama has raised Americans’ ire, and has delivered what Republican leaders call a “slap in the face” to citizens and legal immigrants.

The fight has just begun. Contact Congress today to tell your representative that you oppose Obama’s unilateral action that pre-empts U.S. immigration law. Go to the CAPS Action Alert page here for the phone number and talking points.

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