The U.S. Unraveling – Some Cities Are Hiring Alien Police Officers

Published on April 1st, 2015

Unbelievably, some police departments across the United States have taken a giant step to creating true anarchy for those who live within their jurisdictions. These cities and towns that are supposed to be protected by local police are now hiring police officers who are not U.S. citizens. Additional cities are seeking to have laws and regulations altered to enable them to adopt similar hiring practices.

This madness was reported in a March 21, 2015, USA Today news report, “Police departments hiring immigrants as officers.”

The article reported that some cities require that such police officers have Alien Registration Receipt Cards (Green Cards) to indicate that they are on the pathway to U.S. citizenship, although such aliens are not obligated to become U.S. citizens. Incredibly, some cities are willing to hire aliens who have simply been granted employment authorization by the DHS (Department of Homeland Surrender).

While all police departments that are employing foreign officers require that these officers had been granted employment authorization – hence they would appear to not be illegally present – under the current circumstances created by the Obama administration, hundreds of thousands of heretofore illegal alien “DREAMERS” have been granted employment authorization even though there is no statutory authority for such a blanket amnesty to be enacted by the stroke of Mr. Obama’s infamous pen.

These aliens were not carefully screened. Consider the March 20, 2015, Daily Mail article that highlighted how this program resulted in needless deaths: “Original suspect in murder of America’s Next Top Model contestant and three others should have been deported in 2012… but stayed because of Obama’s amnesty program.”

Further, they entered the U.S. without inspection and have to claim to have entered the U.S. before their 15th birthday, but have until age 31 to file their applications. They will not be subjected to face-to-face interviews, and field investigations to ensure the integrity of the program are not being conducted. Under these circumstances, fraud would be all but impossible to detect.

Immigration fraud was identified by the 9/11 Commission Report as a major factor in enabling terrorists to enter the U.S. and embed themselves here. Imagine what damage a terrorist or drug cartel member could do by acquiring a job as a police officer.

This dangerous hiring practice of some cities has national implications. Generally, U.S. police officers are authorized under current federal statutes to carry their firearms across the country. Ironically, while many cities and states have enacted far more restrictive laws and regulations where firearms are concerned for the citizens who live within their jurisdictions, we now have foreign nationals who, as police officers, are not encumbered by similar restrictions and have full police authority over U.S. citizens.

Traditionally, anyone applying to be a police officer – someone who is empowered to literally make life and death decisions – was required to be a U.S. citizen. In this position of ultimate trust, this requirement is important on so many levels. Police officers need to be able to understand the culture of America where freedom of speech is an integral part of our Constitution. Aliens from many other countries who have not been acclimatized to America may well find outspoken citizens to be threatening, especially in stressful situations.

Indeed, it is worth noting that a synonym for “acclimatized” is “naturalized.”

Police corruption is endemic in many countries. Foreign nationals who grow up in such countries and only spend a short time in the U.S. may well have a very different view of corruption and civil rights. While the Justice Department claims to be concerned about malfeasance of police departments and has recently taken action in high-profile cases, nothing has, as yet, been heard coming from the DOJ where this dangerous and wrong-headed hiring practice of noncitizens is concerned.

Perhaps it should not surprise anyone that mayors and chiefs of police have come to devalue U.S. citizenship. The current administration has made an utter mockery of our immigration laws; it has not only failed to take action against so-called “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States,” but has unleashed the DOJ to sue any state that would dare enact immigration laws that parallel the federal immigration laws. This tactic was used against Arizona and its immigration law, SB 1070. (Read more about the lunacy of these “Sanctuary” policies in my September 24, 2014, article for FrontPage Magazine, “‘Sanctuary Cities’ or ‘Safe Havens’ for Terrorists?”)

Politicians from both sides of the aisle have insisted that aliens who evade the vital inspections process conducted at ports of entry have “earned the right” to lawful status and even U.S. citizenship. Supposed political “conservatives” who love to invoke the imagery of “American Exceptionalism” to fire up their political base follow up by saying that for America to lead we need to import hundreds of thousands of the world’s best and brightest workers. (Are those foreigners more exceptional?)

On March 27, 2015, FrontPage Magazine posted my article, “Illegal Alien Police Officers? The logic-defying program some police departments are enacting,” in which I wrote about the dangerous way that all too many of our politicians, on all levels of government, refuse to understand the true significance of America’s borders and immigration laws and the true importance of U.S. citizenship.

Are we really to believe that police work is yet another job Americans won’t do?

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