What America Will Look Like in 2050 – Human Flood

Published on November 27th, 2013

Does anyone in the United States understand or comprehend what America will look like in 2050 “IF” we continue endless immigration into our country? Does any leader possess an inkling of the ramifications of adding the projected 100 million people, their kids and chain-migrated relatives?

That’s correct, at the current rate of immigration legalized by the 1986 Reagan amnesty, we continue on course to add 100 million people from all over the world. They arrive legally at 1 million annually. They birth 900,000 babies among their numbers annually, according to Dr. Steven Camorata at the Center for Immigration Studies. With chain-migration, that means each “new” American may invite 10 of his or her relatives to join them through “family reunification.” Your U.S. Senate wanted to increase that 1 million number to 2 million legal immigrants annually through the S.744 amnesty bill. While that bill appears dead, an amnesty plan is still very much alive in Congress.

Do the math! Any way you cut it, America will experience the biggest wave of humanity ever to hit our country. We will grow from our current 317 million (up from 300 million just in 2007) to anywhere from 423 million to 458 million people in less than 40 years. Approximately 38 million will come from our own “population momentum.”

What’s it going to look like? Answer: it will become ugly on multiple levels – environmentally, sociologically, linguistically and culturally, with negative impacts on quality of life and standard of living – for starters.

First of all, adding 100 million immigrants equates to adding 20 of our most populated cities. Think of it: this growth will be like adding another New York City, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and seven other American cities.

With 100 million more people, there are many needs. We must water, feed, house, transport, warm, educate, medicate and create jobs for them.

Currently, seven states face water shortages: Georgia, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. Compounding water shortages is population growth. For example, Georgia’s population is expected to grow from 9.9 million to nearly 16 million by 2050, while Florida is estimated to grow from 19 million to 32 million. California expects to jump from 38 million to 51 million by 2050.

Every last bit of arable land and wilderness will be destroyed by what scientists call “ecological footprint.” In Ethiopia, it takes .4 (4/10ths) of an acre of land to feed, water and house a person. In the USA, it takes 25.4 acres of land to support one person. (Source: allspecies.org)

With those 100 million immigrants, we must destroy 2.54 BILLION acres of land. That, in turn, guarantees accelerating our current 250 species suffering extinction annually in the lower 48 to double that number to 500 annually which will mean 5,000 species a decade suffering extinction at the hands of our encroachment on the natural world. (Source: U.S. Department of the Interior)

Our quality of life cannot help but degrade, with severe limitations on hunting and fishing, as wildlife extermination, energy exhaustion and resource depletion march on.

How about the environment? Anybody want to guess how much damage our carbon footprint will inflict on our oceans with acidification and warming of the waters? My guess: every year we will face more hurricane Sandys and Katrinas and more tornadoes, all causing more death and infrastructure destruction.

Additionally, I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg of what we bequeath to our children.

If we refuse to act, remain too apathetic to act or simply stand by, an amnesty will pass and add that 100 million immigrants to this country in a blink of time. It's not about the immigrants; it's about the numbers.

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