Why Americans Must Demand a 10-Year Immigration Moratorium

Published on August 27th, 2015

Today in America, with 322 million people, seven states – California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas – face imminent water shortages.

Yet, because of consistently high numbers of both legal and illegal immigrants coming to the United States every year, our country is expected to grow from that already high 322 million people to more than 438 million within the next 35 years. If you think we have water problems now …

As that massive equation manifests in our civilization, Florida expects to jump from 18 million to 36 million in 30 years, Texas from 24 million to 34 million and California – the granddaddy of all overpopulated states – faces from 10 to 20 million more people within 30 years. Virtually all of this growth stems from legal immigration mandated by the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and illegal immigration.

Colorado State University professor Philip Cafaro asks the most important question in America today: How Many Is Too Many? In the book of the same name, he references scientific facts on water, energy and resources.

Conclusion: We face horrific shortages on all three fronts in the coming 35 years, but instead of taking action to solve our dilemma, we continue to add more people to that equation.

Cafaro invited the American people to demand a 10-year moratorium on all legal and illegal immigration in order for our country to get a handle on our problems.

He’s not alone. The late Dr. Albert Bartlett at the University of Colorado said, "Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass. This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable.”

These experts committed their lives to educating about “carrying capacity,” “quality of life” and “environmental stasis.” They dug deep and discovered that no species could outgrow its landmass and resource base. If it does, Mother Nature inevitably steps in with harsh consequences.

Graph: NumbersUSA

Therefore, you must ask yourself what you want to bequeath to your children. What would you like to have been given to you by your parents? Perhaps a viable civilization in which you might thrive instead of suffer? Unfortunately, fertility rates remain high in many Third World countries, resulting in a net gain of 80 million babies annually. So it’s not surprising that we’re seeing mass migration worldwide as resources are overrun, among other situations leading to mass movement.

But why should we call for a 10-year moratorium on all immigration? There are many reasons.

We face becoming a seething caldron of too many people; this impacts the quality of life and standard of living for all. We may be facing potentially irreversible and unsolvable problems with water, energy and other resources. Consider what is needed to feed, water, house, warm, transport, educate, medicate and generate jobs for another 100 million immigrants – we already have 45.5 million Americans subsisting on food stamps. And, maintaining a viable biosphere with balanced pH in the oceans, clean air and ample water is not achieved by adding more people.

Those are a few of the reasons why we need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration. It’s a matter of life and/or extinction of America.

Population sources: U.S. Census Bureau, PEW Research Center, “U.S. Population Projections by Fogel/Martin.

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