Immigration Anarchy

Published on December 5th, 2007

By Rick Oltman, CAPS Director of Public Relations

The recent arrests of illegal alien “absconders” by federal immigration officers have sparked a backlash of protests around the nation against the so-called “raids.” Immigrant protestors have taken to the streets waving their fists to denounce these legitimate arrests and their slogans include; “climate of fear,” “devastating to families,” “terrorized by the government…”  Terrorized by the government? Yes, even that. These protestors support the status quo which for the last fifteen years has meant virtually zero interior enforcement of our immigration laws.  They are immigration anarchists.

 “Operation Return to Sender,” is targeting those who have been ordered deported but failed to appear for deportation.  Consider this.  Our government can’t muster the will to defend the borders effectively against even the worst drug traffickers, so to order anyone deported suggests that these arrests are of the worst of the illegal alien population.  Currently over 400,000 “absconders” live somewhere in our country, nobody knows where.  Some are violent felons, some are sexual predators and some are from countries that are sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

To answer those who say that these people are only working here, let’s at least be honest.  They have broken several laws by the time they get a job in our country.  They have sneaked into our country illegally and they are working here illegally as well; not felonies until the second illegal entry, but law breaking all the same.  But they do commit a felony when they forge documents to get a job. And, whether they are using a stolen social security number or have simply made one up, that is also a felony.  Not to mention that employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens are also breaking the law.  And illegal aliens’ presence in large numbers creates sanctuaries for criminals in cities that politicians are loath to police.  So the folks picked up in these raids were not just working here innocently.

The most sympathetic and true victims of this enforcement are, of course, the children.  Thus it is with all law enforcement.  When parents are punished for committing crimes, there is always an impact on the children, including citizen children.  Children suffer whenever their parents are punished and that includes crimes that are not immigration related.

It is these illegal alien parents themselves who are subjecting their children to trauma because they have violated the law.  But should every law breaker escape punishment because they have children?  

No, the effect of violations on innocent children is more of a reason to vigorously enforce a deterrent against law-breaking parents and the victims they create.

Fifteen years ago California immigration activists were calling on the government to enforce immigration laws and warning the country not to let illegal immigration get a toe hold in their communities.  California’s schools were bulging with illegal aliens as were our jails and prisons.  Some healthcare facilities were beginning to collapse under the strain.  Taxes were going up to pay for it all.

The political elites told us, “It’s not that big a problem, so we don’t need to do anything about it.”
In 1994 Californians voted to cut off tax dollars to illegal aliens and in 1996 Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.

Again the political elites declared, “It’s not that big a problem, so we don’t need to do anything about it.”

Now eleven years later these same elites are saying, “It’s such a big problem; we can’t do anything about it!”  That is unacceptable.  The enablers that created the massive problem we have today by ignoring it are certainly to blame for the current situation, not those of us who were warning a decade ago that the problem was escalating. 

We still are calling on the government to enforce the law, because we can predict what our country will look like in another fifteen years.  For example, pay attention to L.A.’s escalating gang problem for a glimpse of the future in your community.

All levels of government should work together to enforce the law and deter future mass immigration, because otherwise the future is bleak.  If we don’t enforce our laws we will see on our streets and in the news the terrible, self inflicted wounds we will suffer, from today’s ongoing immigration anarchy.


Rick Oltman is the Director of Public Relations for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) and can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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