Mexican drug cartels are on the move

Published on December 31st, 2010

The Mexican drug cartels are on the move.  They are moving their drugs, their thugs and their influence including violence north into the United States of America and having a wide ranging and profound impact on our nation and the people who live in our country. The “War on Terror” has been referred to as “asymmetrical warfare” because it involves individuals who are not the leaders of governments but are rather part of wide ranging organizations that are intent on spreading their influence and ideology across international borders but do not provide clear targets for the nation being attacked to go after. In a conventional war one nation is able to attack the nation that attacked them–where the efforts to eradicate terrorists are concerned, our forces must seek out those involved in the terrorist organizations that are responsible for attacking us or posing a threat to our safety and security. The Mexican cartels are, in my judgement, similar to terrorist organizations in that the leadership of these organizations also don’t represent the countries in which they operate but represent rogue elements operating with increasing impunity in Mexico and apparently they are now seeking to acquire control over territories in other countries such as Guatemala. When nations seek to conquer new territory this quest is referred to as “Imperialism.” I believe that the even thought the government of Mexico is attempting to combat the Mexican drug cartels, these wide-ranging criminal organizations have become more powerful through efforts to amass ever increasing amounts of cash from the highly lucrative drug trade and have, consequently, become increasingly bold in their criminal activities taking what have to be seen as strategies taken from terrorist play-books to use extreme violence and the threats of violence to intimidate ordinary people, law enforcement officials, members of the military and government in Mexico and perhaps other countries, to achieve their increasingly expansive goals. Meanwhile the consistent failures of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to not only secure our nation’s porous borders in meaningful terms and the abject failure of DHS to focus on law enforcement strategies within the interior of the United States to aggressively combat Drug cartel members operating in more than 230 cities within the United States from coast to coast and border to border will not stop the onslaught of the cartels within the United States and will also not protect our nation from the ever present threat of a terrorist attack. The occasional headline grabbing arrests of members of transnational gangs and drug trafficking organizations may be intended to allay the fears and concerns of our citizens but will not prevent the cartels from flooding our country with members of their organizations. When a patient has surgery to remove a cancer from his (her) body, the patient and his doctors what with bated breath to hear if the pathology report indicates that the removed tumor has “clean margins.”  This means that an examination of the removed growth has no evidence of cancerous tissue along the perimeter of the tumor.  This is of extreme importance to make certain that their is no cancerous tissue left behind that can then multiply and create a new tumor.  The very survival of the patient hangs in the balance. If our nation’s leaders think they are going to be effective in combating the pernicious and extremely violent Mexican cartels by arresting a few dozen cartel members every few months, issue breathless press releases and then expect that we will successful in combating the huge and ever growing threat that these cartels pose to our nation’s security and the safety of our communities then our “leaders” need to be fitted for straitjackets.

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