Anti-Environmental “Greens” – Environmental Establishment Shows Its True Colors – and they ain’t green

Published on June 13th, 2013

Back in the 1990s, America’s population surged by 33 million, more than any single decade in our entire history. As CAPS members know, an unprecedented torrent of legal and illegal immigration drove this surge. If the American environmental establishment had truly cared about environmental sustainability back then, it would have spoken up forcefully against this unsustainable, environment-devouring population growth.

Heck, even the federal government, in the form of President Bill Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, recommended reduced immigration in the name of environmental sustainability. Since when is the federal government out in front of the activists? That’s the cart before the horse. 

Almost without exception, pathetic environmental groups were AWOL, asleep at the switch, or cowering in a corner instead of staking out a principled position in support of population stabilization. That was bad enough.

Now things have gone from bad to worse. As a result of the nation’s failure to get immigration under control back in the nineties, another 15-20 million immigrants have poured into the country and the mass immigration lobby has become an even more potent force.

Whereas yesterday’s environmental elites were pathetic shirkers, some of today’s are traitors to the basic environmental and mathematical principle that numbers count.  These rogues are no longer just looking for excuses to avoid addressing immigration, but instead are now actively courting high immigration levels so as to curry favor with those groups that directly benefit from mass immigration. They’re selling out their country and its environment.  

A recent story in Politico said that the top reason these delusional, duplicitous enviros give for their pandering to the mass immigration lobby is, “the prospect of 11 million new green-minded voters.” Come again? “Green-minded” (!!)  You didn’t realize that all those illegals tossing tons of trash in the Arizona desert and starting wildfires were actually nature lovers drawn to the United States so they can help protect our wildlife, forests, and air quality, as well as lead the charge in fighting climate change? [Greens Move to Heal Immigration Reform Rift, by Darren Samuelsohn, Politico, June 2, 2013]

Shame on you, you ignorant xenophobe! 

The way the Sierra Club and others of their ilk see it, the reason these new green-minded Americans leave all the trash in the desert is just to feed the wildlife, because everyone knows dumps attract hungry animals. And the wildfires are undoubtedly started to help the overstretched Forest Service thin underbrush-clogged forests.

Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune lamented to Politico that 11 million illegal immigrants, “can’t advocate for clean energy without the threat of deportation.” What is Brune smoking? Illegal immigrants are too busy making ends meet to be advocating clean energy. If they ride bicycles and buses, and many do, it’s because they can’t afford cars, not because they are conscientiously minimizing their carbon footprints. My Honduran sister-in-law and nephews who entered Texas illegally came to America to make money, not become climate activists.

One big reason why so many immigrants, especially Latinos with little formal education and who speak limited English, lead such precarious existences is because they have to continually compete with the never-ending flood of cheap labor pouring across the border. If Brune and others of his progressive ilk really did care about the plight of immigrants, they would advocate enforcing our immigration laws and reducing overall numbers so that those already here have a chance to succeed. But for them it’s all a cheap display of their “conspicuous benevolence.”

Back in the late nineties, the late Gaylord Nelson, father of Earth Day, was disgusted with the Sierra Club for refusing to tackle population because of immigration. Today Nelson is spinning in his grave.


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