Fantastic news Obama’s immigration speech says the border fence is finished

Published on May 14th, 2011

http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/profile_large/hash/d2/65/d265c0a942510e433e75dc4c48f87d5f.713.jpgPresident Obama stood before thousands of Texas Democrats and La Raza (The Race) supporters and told a whopper of a lie- “They (GOP) wanted a fence. Well, that fence is now basically complete.”

This is welcome news for those who live near the 2,000-mile southern border; unfortunately it is another propaganda-type lie. Let’s educate Mr. Obama regarding what exactly is a fence. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a fence is a barrier that serves to enclose an area; an inclosing structure of wood, iron, or other material, intended to prevent intrusion. Keeping this in mind, the President’s claim that the fence is “basically complete” is untrue.  A Government Accountability Office (GAO) February 2011 report says Border Patrol does not control the border. In fact Border Patrol only has the ability to control or prevent illegal entry for 129 miles of the 1,954-miles of U.S./Mexico shared border. To date the GAO report concluded that Homeland Security has only built 646 miles of border fence. Of this very little was the “two layers of reinforced fencing” that was required by the Secure Border Act. Also included in this secure fence number was 347 miles of pedestrian fencing as well as 299 miles of vehicle barriers. “Pedestrian fencing is designed to prevent people on foot from crossing the border and vehicle fencing consists of physical barriers meant to stop the entry of vehicles,” said Richard Stana, director of homeland security for GAO. In March, Stana told the committee that Homeland Security had only improved the total length of border fence by three miles last year. The GAO goes on to reveal that an additional 744 miles of border region gives the Border Patrol power to stop an illegal entry at “distances of up to 100 miles or more away from the immediate border.” Add those numbers up and that leaves 1,081-miles of America’s southern border open and means Homeland Security has no “operational control” along much of the border. That doesn’t sound secure. The president also alluded to the fact that border cities are the safest cities in all of America. Lie number two. Looking at an annual statistical report put out by the Executive Office for the United States published in 2010 highlighted the violence on the border. “The violence along the border of the United States and Mexico has increased dramatically during recent years and the violence associated with Mexican drug trafficking organizations pose(s) a serious problem for law enforcement,” the report indicated. It continues to describe that “Illegal immigration provides the initial foothold with which criminal elements, including organized crime syndicates, use to engage in a myriad of illicit activities ranging from immigration document fraud and migrant smuggling to human trafficking. Federal prosecution of border crime is a critical part of our Nation’s defense and federal jurisdiction over these offenses is exclusive.” Even President Obama’s own Justice Department, says there were more than two-and-a-half-times as many criminals (8,435) charged in federal court in Western Texas, coincidentally El Paso is located in this sector, than in the combined districts of Southern New York (1,959), which includes Manhattan and the Bronx, and the Eastern New York (1,377), which includes Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, according to CNSNews. There are other issues and expenses attached to the mass amnesty President Obama is recommending. “An amnesty would cost taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars—at a time where debt is at its ceiling and budgets are busted. It would also reward those who broke the law and came to the U.S. illegally over those who came to the U.S. the legal way,” explained Jena McNeil of The Heritage Foundation. “Winning Hispanic votes is his (Obama’s) end game,” Israel Ortega says. “It’s obvious that political calculations are driving the President’s push for immigration reform in light of his all-time-low support among Hispanics. President Obama’s advisors remain convinced that immigration reform will guarantee their support, despite polling that indicates that unemployment and education are issues that keep most Hispanics up at night.” Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA) who represents a San Diego community directly affected by illegal immigration thought Obama’s speech was overly optimistic. “The President provided plenty of good examples for success stories of legal immigrants in his campaign speech. But exploiting their success stories as justification for amnesty to an estimated 11-20 million illegal immigrants who have violated our nation’s laws and cut in line is completely irresponsible,” Bilbray said. “While the crime rate and number of illegal crossings along the border is down, the federal government has still not done enough to address the source of the problem – employers who use illegal labor.” Congressman Bilbray along with many immigration-minded lawmakers also favor a nationwide implementation of E-Verify to ensure all employers play by the rules and hire only those legally able to work in the U.S. “The President mentioned holding employers accountable for hiring illegal workers but he has yet to join me in the call for nationwide implementation of the E-Verify system. I call on President Obama to join with members of the House Immigration Reform Caucus to implement a nationwide E-Verify program to hold employers accountable,” Chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus finished. Meanwhile, south of the border in Mexico the warring drug cartels continue to step up their brutal murderous ways; this week in Durango, Mexico six human heads were left at the entrance of a secondary school forcing classes to be cancelled because the scene was too gruesome. Authorities conducted an extensive search for the bodies without any success; unfortunately these gruesome scenes are the rule- not the exception. With scenes like this playing out around the savaged Mexican country, it’s not hard to understand that Mexicans’ want to run the border and grab a better and safer life, but none of the proposals included in President Obama’s comprehensive immigration reform plan addresses the rush of illegal aliens leaving Mexico and other Central American countries. If America moves forward with an immigration reform plan without addressing the drug cartels and massive corruption in the Mexican government, it will only be a matter of time before the second and third wave will head north looking for that “better life” courtesy of the American taxpayer.

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