Fast Track to Anarchy

Published on March 30th, 2012

In a shocking display of disregard for the protection of innocent lives, the Los Angeles Police Department has announced that it will ignore California impound laws “amid concern of fairness to illegal immigrants.”

According to a frustrating and worrisome news report aired by Fox News on March 22, 2012, the LAPD will soon start ignoring a California state law that requires police to impound vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days.

“The majority of unlicensed motorists in Los Angeles are immigrants who are in the country illegally and have low-income jobs. The LAPD says the state's impound law is unfair because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to get their car back.”

Bottom line, the LAPD has taken the law of the State of California into their own hands, arbitrarily deciding which laws to enforce.

There are so many things wrong with this decision that it boggles the mind!

First of all, invoking the issue of fairness turns reason on its head. The immigration laws, at their core, are about fairness and have two primary objectives: to protect American lives and protect American jobs. Those laws are completely oblivious to race, religion or ethnicity and draw on a single distinction: whether or not someone is a citizen or an alien.

What could be fairer than that?

The harsh reality is that people are killed by unlicensed drivers every day. A car in the hands of an unlicensed driver often becomes a lethal weapon. If unlicensed pistol owners are subject to arrest and prosecution, why should unlicensed drivers not be punished for their offenses?

How fair is it for innocent victims to die at the hands of unlicensed motorists?

"It doesn't matter to me who killed my son — what their nationality was. It was the fact that if the law were followed, he'd be alive today," Dan Rosenberg told Fox News. His 25-year-old son, Drew, was killed by an unlicensed driver in San Francisco, a city with lax impound policies. The driver had previously been pulled over but was allowed to retrieve his car after a short time just a few months before the accident.

Are we living in such a mixed up, politically correct world where it is more important to provide a ride to work to an illegal alien than it is to protect Rosenberg’s son…and many others like him?

Our message to future illegal aliens is clear. Not only is our federal government happy to place them on a “pathway to United States citizenship,” as the President and other political leaders have often stated, it is now clear that their presence in our country is so welcomed that local police will now ignore important laws designed to save lives simply to make life “fairer” for illegal aliens.

But what could be even scarier than those points (if that’s possible) is the underlying direction of this policy. The U.S. is a nation of laws where all people could and should expect equal protection under the law. Laws are supposed to protect our safety and create order.

Laws are not supposed to be items on a menu where politicians and law enforcement officers pick and choose what they like. In fact, the opposite of the rule of law is anarchy, defined as “a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority.”

What could come next?

We are standing on a slippery slope, indeed, and the recent decision in California to not impound vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers serves to slather ever more grease on that slope! Actions such as this one put us on the fast track to anarchy.

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