Inquiring Patriots Want to Know: How Many "Childhood Arrivals" Will Get Work Authorization?

Published on August 22nd, 2012

The question on every patriotic American’s mind is how many “childhood arrivals” will be granted deferred action before President Obama’s unconstitutional executive order eventually works its way through the administrative process.

Las Vegas, the world’s wagering capital, might consider putting up the amnesty total as one of its propositions. I suggest setting the over/under number at 2,999,999-1/2 million. (The fraction avoids any chance of a tie.)

Using history as my guide, I’d bet on 3,000,000 or more. On June 15, the day Obama issued his edict that removed most young aliens from potential deportation, the White House estimated 800,000 would be excused. The number quickly escalated to 1.2 million. Then, as high school drop outs and criminals became eligible, the total bumped up again to its current projected 2 million.

The 1986 Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA) provides further evidence that once amnesty fraud begins, stopping it—assuming there’s the will to do so—-becomes well nigh impossible. After reading the 2002 General Accounting Office report, analysts called the IRCA fraud “massive” and “out of control.”

One whistleblower recalled that as INS officials reviewed applications, they were asked to evaluate fraud potential on a 1-5 scale. The Department of Homeland Security hasn’t given its staff an option to rate fraud. The outcome—work permits for formerly unemployable illegal aliens—is pre-determined.

Although the typical applicant is a young Hispanic, many other ethnicities have lined up and increase the probability that the end total will be higher than anticipated. According to Irish Central reporter Antoinette Kelly, thousands of her countrymen will attend Boston’s Irish Immigrant sessions to participate in one of three instructional seminars volunteers and pro bono lawyers will offer.

Kelly’s story had the usual syrupy quotes from aliens. One Washington, D.C. resident told Kelly:

"It only makes sense to make us part of the workforce and to give us a chance to really show what we can do for this country, what we can do for the communities and what we can do to rebuild the economy and rebuild the country." [Irish among Hundreds of Thousands of Undocumented Applying to Stay Legally, by Antoinette Kelly, Irish Central, August 16, 2012]

Unreported: if the cited alien lived illegally in Ireland, he would be promptly deported.

An interesting parallel between 1986 and 2012 is that the illegal immigration lobby—the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Council of La Raza, the Hispanic Congressional Caucus as well as Obama and other Congressional advocates—-have been vigorously pro-active while those who should be opposed—presidential probable nominee Mitt Romney, his Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and GOP leadership have been stone silent.

One possible plus for our side is the persistent fear among some qualifying aliens that as the government collects their personal data, the information might eventually be used against them if Romney is elected.  As currently written, the deferred action is only valid for two years and could be revoked under a new administration. Apprehensive aliens may stay away

Keish Kim, a co-founder of the Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance said:

“I think there are many uncertainties within the immigration communities because it is a major election year.”

I’m not one to disabuse Kim of his false notion that the GOP will be more enforcement-minded than the Democrats. In fact, as we sadly learned, Ronald Reagan’s Republican administration is responsible for IRCA and the immigration mess the United States that followed.

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