A Letter to President Obama

Published on August 28th, 2014

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I trust you had a wonderful birthday. For me, my family and hundreds of thousands of other Americans, we will never have another wonderful birthday. We will never have another wonderful holiday, and in fact we will never have another wonderful day. Yes, we smile, we laugh, but it is a façade to allow us to be a part of the world. We try to forget, but it is impossible. Every day we hear a song, see a photo, drive by a familiar place or receive a piece of mail addressed to them that brings it all back. We have all lost a child, a spouse, a parent a sibling or a partner to someone who entered the country illegally.

In my family’s case, Roberto Galo entered the country illegally in 1999. He hit and killed our son, Drew, a law student on his way home after class. Galo tried to make a last second left-hand turn and collided with Drew. Had he stopped, Drew would have been fine, but for a few bumps and bruises.

Instead, Galo accelerated, running over Drew’s body. Drew’s helmet had come off and wedged under Galo’s tire forcing him to back up, driving over Drew’s body a second time. Then in an attempt to flee, he drove over his body a third time, only stopping because a brave man stood in front of Galo’s car. By that point it probably didn’t matter; Galo’s rear tire was on my son’s abdomen, and five men had to lift the car off his body.

That happened November 16, 2010. Drew was only one of the more than 3,000 people killed by illegal aliens illegally driving that year. I have no doubt that Roberto Galo had no intention or desire to kill my son, as I’m sure was the case with the other 3,000 plus fatalities that year and every other year by illegal alien drivers. About 2,000 more people are killed by illegal aliens each year, and I can only assume that most of them aren’t willful. So when you say that you are concentrating on removing those who are a threat to public safety; those who do not reach that standard are actually killing more than those who are your main focus. And you are failing miserably in that regard as well.

Incredibly, many of those who are responsible for killing these 3,000 plus individuals each year are never deported. Many never even serve any jail time.

Roberto Galo spent 43 days in jail, and then USCIS refused to deport him. DHS considers driving without a license a minor offense. They said he had “ONLY committed one crime of moral turpitude.” Yes, I guess that does sound better than, “He only killed one person.” More than 7,200 people are killed every year by unlicensed drivers, second only to drunk drivers (one-third of the fatal collisions are drunk drivers who are also unlicensed), and that is a minor offense?

These drivers are five times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision, five times more likely to drive drunk and 10 times more likely to hit and run, and DHS considers that a minor offense? Can you think of any other crime that kills more than 7,200 people a year and is considered a minor offense?

I don’t blame any of these people for coming here. I understand that most of them are only trying to make their lives and the lives of their families better. I blame you and your predecessors, the Congress, many governors, state legislators, district attorneys, judges and police. You have failed us. No, you have betrayed us. To fail you would have had to have tried to stop this carnage caused by these people. Instead, you and the others have actually made it worse. Since the last amnesty, illegal aliens have killed more than 100,000 people, and most of the deaths were caused by people you view as no threat to public safety. Your solution: “Welcome to America!”

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Glenn Vierra was killed by Jorge Valencia-Figueroa who had been caught driving without a license four times before killing Vierra. He was never considered a threat to public safety, even after he killed Vierra, as he was only charged with a misdemeanor.
  • Four-year-old Christopher Rowe was struck and killed by Marcos Lopez Garcia. Garcia, who had been caught driving twice before without a license, the most recent five days before he killed Christopher, ran through an intersection knocking Christopher 90 feet through the air as his mother, twin sister, six-year-old sister and her friend looked on in horror. He fled the scene, but was caught. Had the police officer impounded his car five days prior, as required by California law, Christopher would be alive today. Obviously, Garcia was not seen as a threat to public safety.
  • Dimitri Smith, the unborn son of Aileen Smith (27 weeks pregnant), was killed by Ramon Hernandez who was charged with driving drunk, although only convicted of homicide by recklessness. He was, however, caught driving drunk four previous times. Not considered a threat to public safety, he was not deported.
  • Dominic Durdin, a Riverside County Sheriff’s police dispatcher, was struck and killed by Juan Tzun. Prior to killing Dominic, Tzun had a violent felony conviction and two DUIs but was never considered a threat to public safety. The judge in this case chastised the DA for not reaching a plea deal, saying in full presence of Dominic’s mother, “This is only a misdemeanor.”
  • Mathew Denice, 20, was not only killed, but tortured by Nicolas Dutan Guaman. Guaman struck Denice and then dragged him for a quarter of a mile, as Denice screamed in agony. Onlookers tried to stop Guaman. One at the scene, Samuel Schwenninger, said that the driver “just kind of stared at us blankly. I could see [Denice] grimacing through the visor on his helmet. I won’t soon forget that.’’ The prosecution pursued charges of second-degree murder, but Judge David Ricciardone decided that a manslaughter verdict was more appropriate. Prior to killing Mathew, Guaman had been arrested for assault and battery on a police officer and at least one other public employee, breaking and entering and had multiple traffic charges; however, he was obviously not identified as a threat to public safety.

Although the people listed above actually committed these heinous acts, it was you and your predecessor’s failure to enforce our laws and deport those who came here illegally who share much of the blame. Those who entered illegally also share some guilt. Their sheer masses have corrupted our political and legal system. At federal, state and local levels they and groups like the ACLU, The National Lawyers Guild, La Raza and many others have pressured the very people we elect and employ to protect us to protect them at our expense. Illegal aliens should not be considered a protected class.

When did the lawbreakers become the victims, and the victims are either ignored or called bigots?

In San Francisco, Los Angeles and most of California illegal aliens commit many crimes with virtual impunity. Roberto Galo had been caught driving without a license shortly before he killed my son, but his car was impounded for 18 hours (state law requires 30 days); then the charges were dropped. As I later learned almost a year to the day before Drew was killed, Mayor Gavin Newsom, along with the cooperation of Police Chief George Gascόn and District Attorney Kamala Harris, decided – although in violation of state law – drivers in San Francisco did not need a license. Gascόn said it was to help the poor, and Newsom said, “It’s no big deal,” despite the fact that San Francisco on a per capita basis has the most dangerous streets in the state.

Not to be outdone, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck launched Special Order 7 which essentially allows illegal aliens to drive without a license and, if caught, provides that their cars are not impounded the mandatory 30 days as prescribed by state law. His claim was that it wasn’t fair since these people couldn’t get licenses and that his policy would make these drivers more responsible and hence the streets safer.

In its first year, impounds dropped 39 percent, and serious injuries and deaths increased by 7 percent. What Beck failed to ever mention was that of the 40,000 collisions annually in Los Angeles, almost 50 percent of them are hit and runs. Of the hit and runs, 51 percent of the drivers are illegal aliens. Two lawsuits were filed, and a judge ruled the police action was illegal. Instead of using the lawsuit as a face-saving way to drop a proven deadly policy, Beck and City Attorney Mike Feuer appealed. At the same time, the Los Angeles City Council is offering $50,000 rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hit and run drivers who cause a fatality, and they now charge those caught driving without a license with an infraction. What infraction kills more than 7,200 people a year?

It is very clear what is going on. The Democrats try to “buy” votes to turn red states purple, purple states blue and blue states dark blue. The Republicans are now falling into line to “buy” campaign contributions from the Chamber of Commerce and business executives that want the cheap exploitable labor and the wage depression that both illegal aliens and now H1B visas for legal aliens provide. I’m not against immigration, but it should be done to help the American people first, not hurt (and kill) them.

A few months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder said, “We have continued to hear troubling reports of actions being taken by school districts around the country that have a chilling effect on student enrollment raising barriers for undocumented children to receive the public education to which they are entitled.” Is the Attorney General not troubled by the thousands killed each year by the parents of these children? Does he not think of the “chilling effect” my son’s death had on his life to which he was entitled?

When Arizona passed 1070 and it was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, AG Holder filed suit (rightfully so) before the ink was dry. He declared that immigration law was reserved for the federal government. Yet when Jerry Brown signed the “Trust Act” (actually the “Do Not Trust Government Act”) and boasted, “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s moving ahead,” where was Eric Holder?

And where is Eric Holder when it comes to “Sanctuary Cities?” I thought harboring criminals was illegal. For that matter, what about aiding and abetting illegal aliens, which is a felony. Right before you became President, Edwin Ramos, protected by San Francisco’s illegal sanctuary city policy, brutally murdered Tony Bologna and his two sons because he thought one son was a rival gang member. Ramos, 25, who had been in and out of jail most of his teenage years and also assaulted a man on a muni bus in 2003 and attempted to rob a pregnant woman the following year, was never viewed as a threat to public safety. Actually, the government never had a chance to deport him; San Francisco refused to turn him over to ICE because of their Sanctuary City policy. According to then Police Chief and now District Attorney George Gascόn – yes, him again – “Sanctuary City policies allow local police departments to maintain better relationships with communities comprised with high concentrations of undocumented immigrants.” What about the relationships with the parents of the dead?

Because of Los Angeles’ Sanctuary City policy, Pedro Espinosa had the opportunity to assassinate 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw. Shortly after getting out of jail, Espinosa spotted Shaw walking home from school. Because of his red backpack, he “naturally” assumed that Shaw was a rival gang member. He walked up to him and shot him in the stomach. When Shaw fell to the ground, Espinosa put his gun, execution style, to the back of Shaw’s head and pulled the trigger. Spiderman was on Shaw’s red backpack.

Mr. President, where is Eric Holder on stopping Sanctuary Cities?

And, quite frankly, where are you? I’ve never once heard you acknowledge the death and destruction caused by these people. I’ve never heard “The Liars Club” (the Gang of Eight) or Luis Gutierrez or La Raza acknowledge the death and destruction caused by the very people they want to “help.” I understand why most of them came here. I respect their decisions to try and better their lives and those of their families, but no one has the right to better their life at the expense of another. And worse, S.744 will not change any of this. This bill is a lie comparable to the lie we were told about Iraq.

You rightfully spoke out on the death of Trayvon Martin and now the tragic death of Michael Brown. But where were you on the savage beating death of Amos Milburn Jones, killed on July 23 about 15 miles from “the people’s house” in Suitland, Maryland. In case you didn’t know (because it got virtually no media coverage), Jones was killed by six illegal aliens, ranging in age from 17-23, several of who are MS-13 members. And by the way, if you had an older brother, he would look like Mr. Jones.

I have no doubt that most of the people who have come here illegally have the best of intentions. But had they not come or had our government followed the law and deported them, more than 100,000 people, including my son, would be alive today. And it really is more than 100,000. Along with my son, Galo “killed” my future-daughter-in-law. He also killed my grandchildren. So what is the real number; 300,000, a half a million? Does paying back taxes, paying a fine and a promise that immigration reform will raise the GDP justify all of those deaths? And of course, all of those things are not even true.

You said that you are “deeply concerned about the pain that families suffer when they are separated due to a broken immigration system.” What about the pain my family and the tens of thousands of families that have been destroyed by these people? Their plight is self-inflicted, and they can reverse their separation by all returning to their native countries. My family will be destroyed forever. What is your plan to reunite our families? In my case, my wife and I have bought two cemetery plots next to Drew’s.

After my son’s death, I started my public advocacy to get dangerous drivers off the road, regardless of immigration status. My website has nothing to do with illegal immigration. But every step I took was blocked by politicians to protect illegal aliens who were such a big part of the problem. My son and all of the others are considered collateral damage in the quest for votes and campaign contributions. Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

Last March you asked DHS Secretary Johnson to review deportation policy and establish recommendations for more humane deportations. I noticed that all of the groups meeting with the Secretary were pro-amnesty, so again the victims were ignored and humane deportations only applied to the criminals. I wrote the Secretary, and he agreed to meet with me. I thought the meeting was frank and cordial, and a few weeks later met with Deputy Secretary Mayorkas. I have no expectations that anything I said made an impression that will influence public policy.

In fact, it is now apparent that in the coming weeks you will be protecting and offering benefits to at least another 5 million illegal aliens. You have been secretly meeting with “stakeholders” just like Secretary Johnson, but the only stakeholders are those who want amnesty. Who are you meeting with who opposes your plan? I know that what you decide to do will help the illegal aliens, big business and labor union bosses (certainly not the members), but what does it mean for the 99 percent? More competition for most of the lousy low-paying jobs that have been created; more downward wage pressures in the very area that needs significant increase in wages; and more death and destruction for the law abiding.

During your first campaign for president in 2008 the First Lady said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.” As a lifelong, very liberal Democrat, I was certainly not proud of my country during Vietnam, Iran Contra, Iraq and the NSA. But now I am thoroughly disgusted by a government (both sides) that has totally abandoned law-abiding, middle-class citizens and legal immigrants, and I see nothing in my lifetime that will ever reverse that.

That said, before you make your executive order, before you rip out what little is left of our hearts, I ask you to do the following.

Propose that a monument be built and placed on the mall to honor all of those killed by illegal aliens. Personally I would like to see one similar to those killed in Vietnam. Just be aware that “my” monument, with all of the names etched in stone, will be almost twice as large as the Vietnam memorial.

Since 1986, illegal aliens have killed more people than all of our wars, with the exception of World War II and the Civil War. These real victims certainly deserve some recognition from a government that for all intent and purpose has failed to recognize their existence and ignored and hidden their deaths.

Finally, I ask you to do one thing for me. You have said numerous times that now is the time for immigration reform. You have said this is the right thing to do. Before you illegally say “Welcome to America” to those who have caused so much pain and suffering, on your next trip to California let me take you to Drew’s grave and you tell him this is the right thing to do.


Don Rosenberg
[email protected]


DHS Secretary Johnson
DHS Deputy Secretary Mayorkas
Speaker John Boehner
First Lady Michelle Obama
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator Barbara Boxer
The Liars Club (Gang of Eight)
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Congressman Bob Goodlatte
Congressman Luis Gutierrez

And a proverbial cast of thousands

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