NYC Mayor, Brown and Pelosi Take the Uber Casual Approach to Citizenship

Published on February 3rd, 2015

Just what does New York Mayor Bill de Blasio think that citizenship means? The question arises after his recent comment about illegal aliens receiving the newly issued New York City municipal identification card. The card enables foreigners illegally residing in New York to sign rental agreements, open bank accounts and access health care. The card also gives them hefty discounts on admission to such places as the Bronx Zoo, New York City Ballet and Carnegie Hall.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio in embrace with Al Sharpton.

The mayor endorsed issue of the cards to illegal aliens because, in his words, “We don’t want any New Yorkers to feel like second-class citizens.” But why should they feel like citizens, second-class or otherwise, when in fact they are not citizens, but illegal aliens? This, at least, is what would go through the heads of most Americans, but obviously not de Blasio’s.

So, again, just what does he think? One can reasonably deduce that he doesn’t have a particularly high view of citizenship. For him it doesn’t seem to be membership in a national community, one bound together with ties of loyalty and common identity. Rather, it seems that he views anyone who happens to be in the country as a citizen, even if unauthorized.

Next we might inquire if such a view of citizenship is in anyway consistent with what most people understand as patriotism. If indeed he thinks that citizenship is trivial, then surely it follows that he doesn’t think that the country of his citizenship is particularly significant either. In any case, it seems that his affection extends at least as much to law-breaking foreigners as it does to genuine fellow citizens.

It would be reassuring to think that de Blasio’s “patriotism-lite” is just a personal idiosyncrasy, but it isn’t. In fact, it is quite common among illegal alien advocates in prominent positions of government.

Take, for example, California Gov. Jerry Brown who stated before a group of Mexican immigrants that “America is the other Mexico” and told them that “You’re all welcome in California” regardless of legal status. From this statement one can infer that Brown doesn’t think that our border with Mexico is much more significant than a county line in the United States. And if that’s all he thinks of our national border, is it possible that he could have much regard for the country this border defines?

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi believes U.S. immigration law enforcement is “un-American.”

Another example is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Standing at the Mexican border she stated, “We are all Americans – north and south in this hemisphere.” On another occasion, she exclaimed that U.S. immigration law enforcement has been “un-American” to an audience of legal and illegal immigrants and described the audience as “very, very patriotic.”

Pelosi also has said that illegal immigrants are “worthy of respect” because “every person has a spark of divinity in them.” Be that as it may, when a fellow congressman, Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA), said Democrats were lax on supporting border control, Pelosi angrily confronted him and called him an “insignificant person.” Evidently, to her, the spark of divinity burns far less brightly in fellow citizens who want our immigration laws enforced more effectively.

One more prominent person of this type is Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the most vocal advocate of amnesty in the House. He has stated, “I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant community.” Thus, by his own admission, he has no loyalty to America.

Illegal alien advocates commonly ascribe base motives to citizens who oppose them, such as racism, nativism, etc. But somehow their lack of national allegiance and patriotism – plainly obvious from their own words – never becomes a topic for discussion. The time is ripe for that to happen. Just where do their loyalties really lie? To partisan political power? Ethnic chauvinism? Personal enrichment? One-World utopianism? They need to answer and be held accountable.

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