The Road to Hell…

Published on December 8th, 2010

It has been said that the greatest flood starts with the first raindrop. For decades a flood of illegal aliens has gained entrance to our nation by virtually every means you might imagine and even by means you might not imagine. This human tsunami has impacted virtually every serious challenge that confronts our nation and impacts nearly every citizen of our country today. Of the presence of a relative handful of illegal aliens did not have the sort of impact that the unknown numbers of illegal aliens who are present in our country now has, but slowly, as the numbers of these illegal aliens has steadily increased, the impact has grown proportionately. Today the presence of tens of millions of illegal aliens in our country is impacting our nation so profoundly that most Americans are feeling the impact in many ways. To counter the resistance of the citizens of our country against the human tsunami of illegal aliens, the advocates for open borders and amnesty have taken to stepping up their efforts to vilify anyone who calls for securing our nation’s borders and creating an immigration system that has integrity.  These advocates also attempt to paint a sympathetic image of how permitting this flow of illegal aliens into our country is the morally proper thing to do. The DREAM Act even incorporated the term “Alien” into the acronym, in an effort to link this massive amnesty program with the concept of the “American Dream.”  (Usually the open borders advocates refuse to use the term alien and accuse those who would use this term of being bigoted and compare the term “Alien” with the “N Word.”  Of course, the term “Alien” is a legal term that defines an alien simply as being any person who is not a citizen or national of the United States. Open borders advocates talk about the importance of allowing illegal aliens to enter into the United States and remain to work and improve their lives, what they conveniently ignore is that illegal aliens are most valued by unscrupulous employers because these vulnerable people are easily exploited.  They will work for substandard wages under conditions that are so deplorable as to be illegal. The presence of these massive numbers of illegal aliens drives down wages and deprives Americans and lawful immigrants of jobs they desperately need to support themselves and their families.  It is now reported that one in five American children do not get adequate nutrition and one sixth of all American families live below the poverty level Also not reported is the fact that the presence of large numbers of illegal aliens, most of whom are young, able-bodied men who often leave their wives and girlfriends behind in their home countries, who seek female companionship in brothels, giving rise to increasing levels of trafficking in women and, all too often, young girls, who are coerced into prostitution.  This leads to more exploitation and human suffering and the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Open borders also enable members of transnational gangs from the four corners of the planet to enter our country and embed themselves in the immigrant communities among their former countrymen who they easily exploit.  Lawful immigrants who thought that they left the violence and misery of their home countries behind when they finally realized their life’s dream of immigrating to the United States find, to their horror, that the same thugs who made their lives miserable back home have followed them to the United States and continue to keep them awake at night! Each year between 100 billion and 200 billion dollars are sent home by illegal aliens and foreign workers on temporary work visas.  This is money that is not spent or invested in the United States.  This is money that is utterly lost to the American economy at a time when our government has incurred unprecedented levels of debt in the name of an “Economic Stimulus Program” that was supposed to pump money into the economy to prime our nation’s economic pump. Any amnesty program would result in the newly legalized aliens seeking decent wages and lawful working conditions- whereupon they would be fired and replaced by the next wave of illegal aliens as we saw in the wake of the Amnesty of 1986.  The now unemployed legalized aliens would wind up on unemployment and receive food stamps, housing subsidies and other assistance to help them and their families who would have been permitted to legally join them here, further increasing government expenditures at a time when most cities, states and, indeed, the federal government stands at the edge of insolvency! It has been estimated that more than one half of the world’s nearly 7 billion inhabitants live below the poverty level.  Certainly the United States cannot solve world poverty by bringing the world’s poor here anymore than the average family could not address the plight of orphans by attempting to adopt the residents of an entire orphanage.  Our nation is not unlike the average family–we have very limited resources that must be spent wisely.

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