Support HR 140 and Abolish Birthright Citizenship


Support HR 140 and Abolish Birthright Citizenship

Published on July 14th, 2022

The Birthright Citizenship Act (Rep. Babin, R-TX), HR 140 is currently making the rounds in the halls of Congress.

This legislation would end birthright citizenship, a policy that has contributed to illegal immigration and the overpopulation of the United States.

As we mentioned on our take action page, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates 372K babies are born every year to non-citizens in the USA.

That accounts for 8% of all American births, and creates an incentive for people to either engage in birth tourism or illegally immigrate here to get citizenship for their unborn children.

The USA remains anachronistic in this realm of law, as various nations in Europe and around the globe have eliminated birthright citizenship.

In 2015, CAPS Executive Director Ric Oberlink had an op-ed published by USA Today that made a compelling case against birthright citizenship.

This is a much misunderstood policy with some thinking it’s enshrined in the Constitution.

As Ric wrote in the op-ed, the 14th Amendment of the Constitution was meant to confer citizenship on former slaves, not on the children of non-citizens who just happen to be in the USA.

Oberlink made the case that it’s time for a Congress to act on this topic.

America does not need a debate about whether the Constitution mandates accidental birthright citizenship. It needs a debate about whether it is an appropriate policy for the United States in 2015. If it is not, then we should pass legislation to change it. If five justices on the Supreme Court say it passes constitutional muster, then the law goes into effect. If five justices think it unconstitutional, they will tell us so.”

Oberlink added that legislation would clarify the matter once and for all.

There may have been good policy arguments for jus soli, the right of the soil, in 1868 when most nations were an ocean and a month’s sail away, but these no longer apply in 2015 when an airline flight makes birth tourism accessible and simple. Legislation in Congress would clarify that citizenship at birth is granted only if at least one of the parents is a citizen, permanent lawful resident or non-citizen serving in the armed forces. It is time to end accidental birthright citizenship.

Abolishing birthright citizenship is as easy as ABC.

Head over to our action page, and contact your congressman.

Tell them to support HR 140 which will get rid of birthright citizenship once and for all.

It’s time for America to catch up with the rest of the world and end this outdated policy.


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