Ten Years Out of Office, Bill Clinton Still Promotes Anti-American Worker Agenda

Published on July 6th, 2011

Earlier last week, I spent a couple of days in Chicago. My mission was to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Cubs. But shortly after my arrival I learned that a long standing advocate of more immigration, former president Bill Clinton, was in also in town. Knowing that Clinton would be talking up an agenda hurtful to Americans, I was somewhat distracted.

Before I get started, let me say that I think being president is a mostly terrible job. Sure, there are perks: fancy state dinners at the White House, Air Force One and limos. But overall, no matter what position the president takes on any issue, 50 percent of the people are mad at him and say pretty terrible things.

Give me the life of an ex-president any day! The travel and food are still first class and the money is better.

Clinton appeared in Chicago to promote his Clinton Global Initiative, allegedly designed to come up with new ideas for generating U.S. job growth. [Clinton Hosting Jobs Summit in Town, Chicago Tribune, June 29, 2011]

What I couldn’t help but note is that neither Clinton nor President Obama have had even a day’s worth of experience in the economy’s private sector. And, worse than having no real clue how the job market works, Clinton and Obama advocate for more immigration which destroys opportunities for unemployed Americans

Like past presidents from both parties, Clinton during his eight years in office promoted more H-1B non-immigrant work visas, NAFTA and amnesty for illegal aliens. That’s the jobs double-whammy; outsource good industrial jobs and import more workers of varied skills to take high and low paying jobs from struggling Americans.

Although more than a decade has passed since Clinton left the White House, he’s still pressing for more immigration. During a 2010 panel discussion with CBS News, Clinton said: "America has got to get back in the future business. We’ve got to be a tomorrow country. We need more immigrants." [Bill Clinton: U.S. Needs Immigrants, by Eamon Javers, Politico.com, April 29, 2010]

At the time of Clinton’s remark, the U.S. unemployment rate was 10 percent.

Clinton certainly has no worries. He earns more than $10 annually giving the same canned speech all over the world; his net worth is $40 million.

Urging more immigration, which puts working Americans at risk, is a no-brainer for multimillionaires like Clinton.

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