We Are Not Alone

Published on December 18th, 2011

When we ask for the enforcement of our immigration laws, we often feel as an island.  We are labeled with derogatory names and feel very alone in our efforts.  With this, I wanted to know how other countries handle their illegal immigration dilemma and what they say.

What if you were an illegal alien worker in Taiwan?

"When undocumented Filipino workers wish to return to Taiwan after overstaying the nine-year limit on foreign employment in the country, they often go under an assumed name. But with biometrics now in wide use, it’s fairly easy for Taiwanese authorities to keep track of undocumented workers and once caught they are not only immediately deported but also charged with falsification of public documents and possibly sentenced to a jail term.  If an undocumented worker is pregnant, the Taiwanese government prefers to send her home rather than detain her.  As for your ticket, we can even help you find the cheapest ticket available," says Lu.”

What does Israel say about the effects of illegal immigration on its citizen workers?

“Netanyahu said that Israelis, especially those from the lower classes, worry that an influx of illegal immigrants will "flood" the country and take away jobs from Israeli citizens.  "Israel is a small country, we can't afford a flood of illegal job-seekers," Netanyahu said on Tuesday, Ha'aretz reported. "It is a threat to our society, our economy and our security."  "Israel cannot turn into an asylum," interior minister Eli Yishai said, UPI reported. "They say that I'm a racist, but it's time to remove them."”

What happens to the child of an illegal alien couple in South Africa?

“In South Africa, any person born in the country is regarded as a South African citizen, as long as at least one of their parents is also a South African citizen or at least has permanent residency in the country. For illegal immigrant couples, having babies in South Africa will therefore not be a safeguard against deportation and people who have immigrated illegally into any country should not try to start families in the hope of preventing their deportation, even if that country does indeed recognize the baby as a citizen on the basis of being born there.”

If an employer hires an illegal alien in the UK, what is the penalty?

“An employer commits a criminal offence under section 21 of the 2006 Act if he or she knowingly employs an illegal migrant. Following conviction on indictment, an employer may be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, to an unlimited fine or to both. On summary conviction, an employer may be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum, or to both.”

What is Italy doing about its illegal immigration crisis?

“Roberto Maroni (Italy’s Interior Minister) said the illegal entry into Italian territory represents the basis for the marginalization and exploitation of foreigners and often becomes the reservoir for recruiting laborers by criminal organizations…Maroni also said the government plans to further intensify its fight against illegal labor in the agricultural sector as part of its plan to more effectively combat illegal immigration, black-market labor and every form of organized crime.”

Just a quick scan across the world’s landscape shows that other countries also grapple with the issue of illegal immigration.  These countries have taken the same steps that pro-enforcement proponents want enforced in the US.  However, when we take a step back and look at other countries, we discover that we are not as alone as it may seem.

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