Ex-INS Officer: Amnesty Would Destroy the American Economy

Published on November 14th, 2014

Melissa Clyne
November 14, 2014
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Executive amnesty would kill an already fragile American economy, according to former Immigration and Naturalization Service officer Michael Cutler, who discussed on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum” Friday how American jobs would be lost should President Barack Obama resort to such action.

“We’re worried about jobs. Why don’t we talk about the need to liberate jobs? When you realize that we’re admitting more authorized foreign workers into the U.S. every month than the number of new jobs being created.”

“If we enact any kind of massive amnesty program, the money wired out of the U.S. would skyrocket as it is between $125 billion and $200 billion being wired from our economy to other countries,” Cutler said.

“India globally gets the greatest amount of remittance of the high tech workers. We have American kids going to schools, getting the degrees and getting every qualification they need and being passed over by people from other countries who work for a lot less money. Americans are being laid off by Silicon Valley.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley and politicians who argue that the U.S. needs to substantially increase the number of H-1B visas may not be considering the impact that would have on the American workforce.

“Silicon Valley last month laid off 18,000 American high tech workers,” Cutler said. “Does it sound like we have a shortage?

“When politicians say that we need to bring in foreign workers because the schools in the U.S. don’t turn out the engineers and programmers and so forth, then in the next sentence what do they tell us? Foreign students going to those schools should be having their green cards stapled onto the diplomas. The immigration laws used to be the primary responsibility of the labor department. That’s how we built the middle class. This is about protecting American jobs and American lives and it’s time the politicians went back to the fundamental idea of protecting America and Americans.”

The most important component of immigration enforcement is in the interior, something Cutler said the United States is severely lacking.

“You need to have enough agents from within the interior enforcing our laws not only to arrest illegal aliens, but to conduct the fraud investigations and to make sure there’s integrity to the system,” he explained. “This is like playing baseball right now without having anybody take the outfield. Right now there are seven million immigration agents, half are dong customs work. New York City has 40,000 police officers. What do you think will happen to New York’s crime rate if we had 3,000 cops instead of 40,000? We really need to have thousands of more agents, more immigration judges, and more immigration lawyers. We admit more than a million lawful immigrants every year. How many more do you want to admit?”

America is a country of 50 Border States, he argued, and the way to adequately measure how secure the borders are is to look at the price and availability of heroin and cocaine.

“If our borders were secured, those substances couldn’t get in,” he said. “They’re not produced domestically. Every gram heroin and cocaine represents a failure of border security.

“If immigration had worked successfully, the terrorists couldn’t have entered the U.S.,” he said. “If the immigration system had worked properly, the terrorists couldn’t have embedded themselves, hid themselves in plain sight.

“The so-called dreamers that are now being given, hundreds of thousands to stay here are given no interview and no field investigations. How do you know who somebody is when they come to you at age 30 and claim they entered the U.S. as kids? We don’t know what their true name is, their citizenship, when they got here or why they came.”

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