Two Out of Three Hispanics Oppose Immigration Increase

Published on September 11th, 2015

By Neil Munro
Sept 10, 2015

Two out of three Hispanics oppose the establishment’s campaign to increase the annual inflow of migrants into the United States., according to an Aug. 20 report by Gallup.

That’s good news for Donald Trump, who has made pro-American immigration reform the centerpiece of his campaign.

It is bad news for Jeb Bush, who claims he can boost the one-in-four Hispanic support for the GOP by inviting more foreign blue-collar and college-graduates to compete for the jobs sought by American Hispanics.

Only 34 percent of U.S.-born Hispanics, and 33 percent of foreign-born Hispanics, want to increase legal immigration, said the Gallup report.

Sixty-four percent of each group of Hispanics want migration to be reduced or leveled, said Gallup, which released the report under a misleading headline, “U.S. Support for Increased Immigration Up to 25%.”

Twenty-six percent of self-identified Hispanics born in the United States, all of whom can vote, want legal migration to be reduced. However, the percentage of Hispanics opposing increases may be much higher, partly because a growing number of Hispanics now identify themselves as core white Americans.

Thirty-one percent of foreign-born Hispanics, few of whom can vote, want migration to be reduced.

A late-August poll by Rasmussen showed that 54 percent of whites, 38 percent of blacks, and 42 percent of “others,” most of whom are Hispanics, believe illegal immigration is “very serious.” An additional 51 percent of blacks, and 29 percent of “others,” say illegal immigration is “somewhat serious.”

The same poll showed that 37 percent of “other,” and 32 percent of blacks, say that amnesty would encourage more illegal immigration.

Those poll numbers are beneficial for Trump, and help explain why he’s supported by 31 percent of Hispanics, and 25 percent of African-Americans, according to an early September poll from SurveyUSA.

Most establishment polls use loaded questions to boost apparent support for additional migration. The Gallup poll, for example, skewed the results by not providing respondents with any information about the current inflow of legal immigrants, temporary workers, and illegal migrants.

Currently, the United States’ government annually accepts roughly one million legal immigrants, plus one million migrant workers, plus roughly 300,000 illegal migrants.

This huge inflow of foreign workers compete for jobs sought by the roughly four million young Americans who enter the workforce each year. This inflow gluts the labor market, drives down wages, increases taxpayers’ costs, but also boosts corporate profits and Wall Street stock values.

Despite high unemployment and low wages, the federal government does little to keep illegal migrants from taking Americans’ jobs, including the lower-skilled jobs sought by most Hispanic Americans.

Few Americans know the annual migration numbers, partly because the establishment media rarely publishes the numbers. For example, A 2013 poll by Rasmussen showed that roughly 10 percent of Americans know that the country accepts one million legal immigrants per year.

Half of the respondents in the poll declined to guess the number.

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