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Published on May 20th, 2014


Tired of Media Bias? Do Something About It!
Start an Ordinance in YOUR City for E-Verify and More!
Was Your Voice Heard in These Recent CA and Federal Alerts?

Dear CAPS Supporter,
We are always interested in what members like you are hearing in the media. Recently an Arizona CAPS member and long-time advocate for limiting growth, told us how much media bias he sees on the immigration issue.  From the Orweillian expungement of, first, the term "illegal alien" by the Associated Press and then "illegal immigrant" to the "what overpopulation?" claims.  Want to help do something about it?  See more information about CAPS Media Volunteer opportunities below.

You've probably already heard about Fremont, Nebraska, and wondered how you might be able to start your own similar city ordinance.  The Supreme Court rejected a challenge (brought by the ACLU and MALDEF) to a ruling that upholds two local immigration enforcement ordinances enacted by the city.

  • One requires businesses to use E-Verify, and the other
  • requires renters to obtain an occupancy license that can only be issued to U.S. citizens or foreign citizens here legally. 

Not surprisingly, passing ordinances like this in a California city would be much harder.  In 2011, CA passed a law, codified at Labor Code Sec 2811-13, that forbids cities, counties, and special districts, from mandating E-Verify for employers, even those who contract with the local government. About 20 localities in CA had E-Verify laws at the time.  But there a few chinks in the armor:

  • A California city can use E-Verify on its own employees, so such ordinances would offer some small victories
  • CA also prohibits landlords from asking potential renters about immigration or citizenship status [Civil Code 1940.3]. But, a landlord could require a SSN as part of a credit check, or a city could mandate SSNs, but, legal challenges would be likely. 

The best scenario is an enthusiastic activist and a sympathetic city countil. The latter can direct the city attorney to see what options are available in that particular state.  In CA, there are fewer options, but, as CAPS has members in every state, we are here to help.  Consider using Fremont’s ordinance language to talk with your own city officials.  Call us at (805) 564-6626.

Meanwhile, back in the California legislature, State Senator Ricardo Lara continues to try and give the state away through more handouts to illegal aliens.  Fresh off his plea for state-funded "Obamacare" for illegal aliens, he has now introduced SB 1159 which would provide illegal aliens with the means to obtain professional licenses.  These licenses are required for doctors, nurses, security guards, and many other professions whose positions would otherwise be filled by legal residents. 

  • Californians:  Tell your Assembly member to vote NO on any legislation that increases benefits for illegal aliens!  Is your Assemblyman staunchly pro-open borders?  If so, instead consider calling Governor Jerry Brown at (916) 445-2841.

On the federal level, in a scathing letter to President Obama, 22 Republican Senators accuse the administration of considering policies that would represent "a near complete abandonment of basic immigration enforcement and discard the rule of law and the notion the United States has enforceable borders." Under pressure from pro-amnesty groups who have failed to pass legislation this year or last (thanks to CAPS activists like you!), Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has met with advocacy groups to consider further administrative actions—granting more forms of amnesty and not deporting illegal immigrants who have not committed so-called "major" crimes.

On all accounts, our shared cause has quite a summer ahead.  Thank you for your continued activism and support.


Jo Wideman
CAPS Executive Director


Fight Media Bias

Serve as a CAPS Media Volunteer!  Contact us and we'll let you know when it's time to post comments to articles online, write letters to the editor and call media outlets (including talk radio programs) to educate them about population growth.  In addition, you can help by contacting us when you read/see a bias media article and by joining CAPS Social Media Team:
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