ALIEN NATION : Illegal immigration could result in conversion of U.S. to a Hispanic nation

Published on January 28th, 2008

Alien Nation: Illegal Immigration Could Result in Conversion of U.S. to a Hispanic Nation

Fred Brokaski


Santa Barbara News-Press
January 27, 2008

In a letter to the editor, reader Charlene Snow asks the rhetorical question, "Have the Mexican/Spanish-speaking immigrants resident in the U.S. taken back California and the West Coast from the United States?"

The answer is a resounding "yes," and that takeover has been initiated by and continues to be supported by five major power groups operating in the U.S., Mexico and other South American foreign nations. Those five "power groups" and their "agendas" are:

1) Big business makes trillions of dollars in profit every year by encouraging Mexican/Spanish-speaking persons to enter the U.S. and/or stay in the U.S. — so that businesses can hire those illegal immigrants for low wage rates — and also by marketing and selling products to those Mexican/Spanish-speaking persons. The money for such services, which allows business to make such profits, comes from welfare payments, food stamps and free medical care, legal aid and housing that is funded by state and federal taxes imposed on U.S. citizens.

2) Politicians and their supporting law firms and legal organizations remain in power and continue to get large donations (or "favors") from foreign nations and/or big business, if the politicians initiate and vote for legislation that allows tens of millions of Hispanics to enter and live in this country illegally without being required to learn or speak English, and without being required to pay for the cost of their food, clothing, medical care, housing and legal aid while living in U.S. The most obvious example(s) of such politicians are U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Hillary Clinton. President George W. Bush also deserves criticism for not properly protecting U.S. citizens and property by his advocating and supporting the presence of illegal immigrants in the U.S.

3) The Bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church (in both the U.S. and Mexico) continue to encourage poverty-stricken, under-educated, starving, diseased and "desperate" Mexicans to come to the U.S. to escape the crime, corruption and poverty in Mexico — rather than risk the obvious danger(s) of attempting to correct the problems by confronting the Mexican government about treatment imposed on Mexican Catholics and other citizens in Mexico.

The Catholic Church in the U.S. also expends significant time and money to lobby the U.S. government (and parishioners in U.S.) to allow illegal Mexican immigrants to remain in the U.S., to have the U.S. government protect illegal immigrants or grant amnesty to Mexican nationals who violated U.S. laws, and to have the U.S. government give U.S. voting rights to Catholic Mexican nationals to allow those foreign nationals to radically influence the outcome of elections and other voting done in the U.S. — in accordance with Catholic religious preferences.

The success of such political effort by the Catholic Church is revealed by the New York Times Magazine (Dec. 24, 2006), which states, "One in four residents (25%) in the U.S. is Catholic"; "29% of the members of the House and Senate are Catholic"; Hispanics account for 39% of the Catholics resident in the U.S."; and "since 1960, Hispanics account for 71% of additional Catholics now in the U.S." The most publicized member of the Catholic Church hierarchy who advocates for illegal immigration is Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles diocese.

4) An international gang of Hispanic terrorists known as MS-13, whose "agenda" is almost identical to the agenda of al-Qaeda. That agenda is to damage or destroy property, intimidate people by inflicting pain and injury, or to kill persons who oppose MS-13 objectives. The MS-13 "gang" members brazenly boast that all of those anti-social activities are being done because of alleged loyalty and allegiance to God, family and other MS-13 gang members.

5) The Hispanic advocacy groups, whose stated and written intent and objective is to retake from the U.S. that portion of the Southwest that the Mexican advocacy groups allege were "stolen" from Mexico.

The better known or publicized advocacy groups have petitioned the government for special treatment for Mexicans/Hispanics. The term "La Raza" means "the race"– which is an open acknowledgement that such organizations are advocating for and petitioning the courts and U.S. government for preferential discriminatory benefits for a specific "race."

As a result of their efforts, billions of taxpayer dollars are expended by California every year to print documents in Spanish (election information, ballots, court orders, legal notices, driving laws, etc.).

The amount expended by the entire U.S. very likely approaches trillions of dollars. The Hispanic "race" is the principal group of persons that speaks Spanish. Therefore, the "Hispanic" race is the only beneficiary of such use of U.S. taxpayer money to print documents in Spanish. An equal amount of money is not spent every year to print government information in Chinese, German, Arabic or any other foreign language, to provide an equivalent benefit for any other "races." Such expense by local, state and federal government is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and the civil rights laws of the U.S., which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race. However, the Supreme Court is not willing and/or not interested in addressing the issue.

The advocates for expending U.S. tax dollars to benefit "La Raza" (the Hispanic race) allege that they are making the U.S. bilingual. In reality the U.S. is rapidly becoming another "Hispanic" nation, like Mexico and other South American nations. In Los Angeles and major portions of Southern California, Hispanics are now the majority population. In some areas of Texas, the local elected officials now conduct government activities in Spanish, rather than English, to accommodate the majority of residents who speak Spanish, but not English.


The problems of unemployment, poverty, hunger, lawlessness, lack of adequate health care, and the overwhelming of U.S. schools, social services and justice system have become an insurmountable financial burden on all areas of California and on the financial and environmental resources of the entire U.S. The federal government’s failure to protect the "citizens" of the U.S. by stopping the conversion of the U.S. to a "Hispanic" nation has placed the burden for such protective action on states and local communities, which are overwhelmed by the unrelenting actions of foreign nations like Mexico, El Salvador and other South American nations.

When the conversion of the U.S. to a Hispanic nation becomes complete, every U.S. citizen can expect the health, safety, environment and standard of living conditions in the resulting Hispanic States of America (HSA) to be very similar to the conditions that exist today in most Hispanic nations in the Americas.

The U.S. is not blessed with unlimited financial and natural resources. Allowing hundreds of millions of Hispanics to illegally enter and live in the U.S. will not result in raising the health, education, safety and economic standards of living of those Hispanics to what previously existed in the U.S. in the 1960s. Instead, their massive influx is currently dragging the U.S. down toward the standard of living and levels of poor education and crime that exist today in Mexico and most South American nations.

The author is the son of a Polish legal immigrant, and a Senior Writing Fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization. He lives in Goleta

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