Obama’s Executive Amnesty Puts American Sovereignty at Risk

Published on November 17th, 2014

By Joe Guzzardi
November 17, 2014

With President Obama back in the White House after his week-long trip to the Far East, immigration is the biggest challenge that awaits him. Thousands of miles away from the Washington, D.C. epicenter of the long simmering immigration debate, Obama reiterated his intention to bypass Congress and go it alone on an executive order that would shield about 5 million aliens from deportation. During his travels, Obama said that he would “use all the lawful authority that I possess to try to make the system work better. And that’s going to happen.”  Ironically, on multiple occasions since 2008 when he was a presidential candidate, Obama explained to supporters that on immigration the Constitution prevents the chief executive from circumventing Congress.

Obama’s promise “to make the system work better” comes despite stiff resistance from Republicans who will soon control Congress and citizens who voted out of office most Democratic Senate incumbent Gang of Eight signatories. When Obama announced that he would delay acting until after the November mid-term elections, he indirectly admitted his move would be politically unpopular.  Nevertheless, Obama will meet this week with advisors to iron out his plan’s final details.

The immigration laws that Obama pledges to improve through his unconstitutional fiat would, in fact, worsen economic conditions over the short-and long-term for Americans and legal immigrants who respect the process.

Short-term, 5 million previously unemployable (because of their unlawful immigration status) aliens would immediately receive work permits and enter into one of the most prolonged periods of stagnant employment since the Great Depression.  The newly legalized immigrants would be able to compete with Americans for the few middle class jobs that might become available.

Although the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics reports indicate that jobs are being created, they are too few to keep up with population growth and the existing immigration level of about 1 million per year.  Moreover, many of the new positions require less than 40 hours a week and are in the low-paying service sector. The total of what the Economic Policy Institute calls “missing workers,” potential workers neither employed nor seeking employment because of the weak market, is 6.3 million with 3.4 million ages 25-54. Once Obama acts, however, the newly legalized immigrants could leave the underground economy where they work off the books and pursue decent payroll jobs that Americans deserve.

Long-term, an executive amnesty will incentivize more illegal immigration. With the prospect of future amnesties looming and a host of entitlements like driver’s licenses, discounted university tuition, and sanctuary policies already in place, the lure to come north is powerful. One respected immigration analyst predicts that first, future presidents would find it politically unfeasible to rescind work permits, and second that  about 20 million foreign nationals would line up to come to America, many through family-based chain migration.

Finally, amnesty symbolizes President Obama driving another nail into the coffin of American sovereignty. Despite assurances from immigration advocates that illegal immigrants want a chance to participate in the American way, the Pew Hispanic Center reported that nearly two-thirds of Mexicans with legal status have not applied for citizenship, one of the world’s most coveted attainments. Granting legal status to 5 million aliens with future rounds of amnesty likely to follow until all 12 million have been legalized would be the death knell for the historic American nation.

Joe Guzzardi is a Californians for Population Stabilization Senior Writing Fellow whose columns have been nationally syndicated since 1987. Contact him at [email protected]

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