CAPS Radio Ads Target Turncoat Rep. Denham for Selling Out on Amnesty

Published on November 26th, 2013

CAPS is running radio ads right now in Modesto criticizing California Republican Congressman Jeff Denham. Denham has become the first House Republican to break ranks with his own party on immigration and join forces with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats in pushing for mass amnesty for many millions of illegal aliens.

“I’m the first Republican,” Denham boasted in a recent interview with The Washington Post. “I expect more to come on board.” He may just be suffering from delusions of grandeur at his own audacity…or betrayal.

Denham represents a heavily Hispanic district in Congress. But it is also a congressional district in which unemployment is running nearly 12% – well above the national rate of 7.3%, and above even the higher California unemployment rate of 8.9%. California has the fifth highest unemployment rate among the 50 states, in no small part because of mass immigration overburdening its labor market.

As they have for several decades, Hispanic advocacy organizations and elites are aligned with a diverse coalition of odd bedfellows – including left-leaning groups, churches, foreign governments, Big Labor and right-leaning Big Business – to support amnesty and immigration “reform” that would open the floodgates to vastly increased legal immigration in the future.

After legalizing illegal aliens already here, the main method for reducing future illegal immigration would be to simply legalize or “regularize” much of it. Prospective migrants, not the American people, would be given primacy in deciding the key immigration policy questions of “how many” and “who.”

Yet the terrible irony is that rank-and-file, working-class Hispanics will be among the greatest victims of the sham “reform” now being pushed by this alliance of powerful vested interests. These interests are decidedly, at best, indifferent to, and at worst, opposed to the well-being of those working-class Americans of all ethnicities and races – including Hispanics, non-Hispanic whites, blacks, Asians and Native Americans.

Rank-and-file Hispanics know all this – they see and experience extreme job competition firsthand. They know all about long job lines, low wages, lousy working conditions and lack of benefits.

This is one reason why multiple opinion polls and surveys conducted over many years have shown that Hispanics are virtually just as critical of uncontrolled, excessive immigration as any other group in America. At least until they are bombarded by self-serving, “us versus them” propaganda in the ethnic Spanish-language media, on Univision and by privileged Hispanic elites (actor Edward James Olmos and actress Eva Longoria come to mind), that they are first-and-foremost unjust victims of continuing deep-seated anti-Latino prejudice, and thus need to support amnesty and immigration “reform” in order to express solidarity with their fellow persecuted Hispanics.

Like Big Business, Hispanic elites are counting on ever more bodies to build their fiefdoms and empires. In the case of Big Business, ever more bodies will keep labor cheap, costs down and workers submissive; in the case of Hispanic elites, ever greater numbers of underprivileged Hispanics ensure ever more patrons. Rank-and-file, working-class Hispanics are merely pawns serving these selfish interests.

As the CAPS ads emphasize, Denham has turned his back not just on his working class and Hispanic constituents, but on veterans of the armed forces, who are returning to a weak job market in California and especially in his district. And this from someone who professes to be a veterans advocate. The nerve!

He may be, or maybe he was, but in advocating amnesty as well, Denham has shown that he cares more about illegal aliens who trampled America’s sovereignty than members of our armed forces who upheld and defended it, often at the risk of their own lives. He should be ashamed of himself, not patting himself on the back.

The CAPS ad will be broadcast in Modesto through December 8. Listen to it here.

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