Consumerism Driving Immigration

Published on October 15th, 2015

In my last post, I left you with the one word that has become the most responsible for out-of-control illegal immigration (please always consider many of the same arguments against illegal immigration for legal immigration, as the two have become inseparable, and we need to curtail all immigration) into the United States. That word is consumerism.

So if you read my first post, you can read this one, and you won’t have to read further ones, as this blog will explain all the motivation on the part of our federal government for not only welcoming, but fawning over illegal immigrants. There, I want to save your valuable time – just one more blog to read!

Our government is not government of, by and for the people, as Lincoln famously proclaimed; it has become government of, by and for the corporations. One definition of a fascist government is one run by the corporations. Could that be any truer than in the United States?

What are we as Americans to the corporations? We are consumers. Sounds like a nice word, but is it? The corporations would be happy to have you in a cage as long as you consume. So, think of us more as silk worms, or aphids to the ants for U.S. corporations. You are just a consumer; shut up and consume.

However, the silk worms let the corporations down beginning in the 1970s by having fewer children, with good cause, for the sake of ourselves and the environment. Bad silk worms! This just wouldn't do. Enter endless immigration to save the day! While population growth may be a problem in the rest of the world, it’s a blessing in the U.S. celebrated every ten years in the census.

I will give you just two aspects of consumerism to consider here. You can add many more on your own with hardly straining your brain.

The credit-driven economy. Prior to the 1950s and the advent of easy credit and the credit card, Americans consumed to survive. The responsible man saved to buy; the fool needed a loan. In a complete sea change of our thinking, the responsible man now has a high credit score; the fool has to pay cash. The responsible person is now a boundless consumer buying endless stuff from the corporations and paying endless interest to them. This endless stuff that he can't live without and has to have is used once or so and goes to the garage. When the garage is full, stuff goes to the storage center, and then to a bad reality TV show to be auctioned off. The corporations have engineered the perfect consumer.

Housing starts. As a kid you always heard on the TV about housing starts. So much of the economy revolves around them. But who needs these houses? Well American kids when they grow up, but that’s not soon enough for the corporations. They might have to wait 20 or more years. Adults need them now. Immigrants of both legal and illegal ilk need them now. Bring on the warm bodies! Do you ever foresee a day when there will be vast tracts of empty houses in the U.S., or do you see endless population growth and endless new housing starts in the U.S.?

The bottom line is that our economy is no longer 80 percent driven by manufacturing as in the glory days of the U.S. It is now 80 percent driven by consumer spending.

You are smart. You do the math. Is there any bigger motivation on the part of the governcorporates for all immigration than never-ending economic growth?

You are a consumer, so shut up and consume!

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